Different damage on titans

Im playing this game more then half of year and trying to understand, why the damage I made for titan sometimes is very different. For example, we are beating a 4* titan currently and I have a standard damage for such titans - about 20k and more. But my last damage was 12k. It’s just because the game decided like this? Because the stones during the battle did their job absolutely against me. This is not the first time. And a lot of other players are also don’t like it. What’s the point to make my army, every single hero more powerful? It doesn’t make sense. It’s like casino. Where is logic in this game? I became humble with a lot of things, but this one is very sad and annoying.

Well the shields come in random order. Sometimes they are good, sometimes not. Also color matters. Do you get a lot of the colors that are strong against the titan or weak.


also, always double check that you’ve equipped the right troops to your heroes after you change your team around!

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