Different app version? ? .?

please explain to me. what is a different app version.

tnx to all and happy gaming.

Hello. There is a new update which has been released today by SG. Till now we were all playing in Version 21. Now some Android players have gotten the new Version 22 update. Apple users are yet to get the new update. Also it depends on country to country when players get the new update. That message simply means either you have updated your app and that player has not or vice versa. :slight_smile:


how can i revenge if everything is said that.?

You can’t. 20 characters.

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As long as you two have different versions of the game installed, you cannot revenge.

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so mean. my apps is n0t updated? or else

what do you mean? stephen?

Inside the game you can go to Options>About to find out the version of the game. If it is 21 something, then you are yet to receive the update, and if it shows 22 something, then your app is up to date.


You can’t raid someone on a different app version.

In a few days, support for the old version of the app will be disabled, and everyone will be forced to update. After that, revenges should work again.

Patience is key. :slight_smile:


patience is key.

hahaha tnx.

im updated.

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n0w i kn0w… hehehe tnx

Awesome. :slight_smile: Now you just have to wait for everyone to update. It usually takes about a week. You can still do normal raids. And you can revenge on whoever attacks you now. :slight_smile:

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