Different app version and raiding

Yes, I understand what it means and do not need an explanation for that.

What explanation I am looking for is a technical one of why it even matters. I cannot think of a single one. You play/communicate with the server, not the opponent’s client device.

The only minor difference would be when there are releases that significantly change the stats and behavior of heroes. As a player, I couldn’t care less if some get a few day window of getting LOL Aegir vs Buffed Aegir and similar…

It is very annoying to have to remember with each release to go Revenge all the old version opponents, upgrade, then go hit the new version opponents.

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Did you read the release notes? They wanna change this.

Ah… " * Testing to enable Raids across versions during releases"

That’s still not an answer. I’m curious, as a developer, why there was ever any issue. It’s likely I won’t get a response from SGG, but maybe others have ideas.


I just copied that, but I was too late, you’ve seen it :slight_smile:

They only start ‘testing to enable raid across version’ after the game had been running for a couple of years…
Kinda frustrating when you can’t revenge in raid simply because the opponent is on different app version.


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