Difference is Damage dealt

Might be so… Just curious, how do you know that? Is it a devs confirmed fact or based on observation, or what?

If there is some other math going on, then this needs a “?” popup icon to explain.

I’m sure @kerridoc had referenced it. Either that or I have very weird dreams

Ive noticed quite often that the defending team does hit harder than the attacking team. Even doing Mirror raids.

Look up sone raid videos on youtube.

Defenders have a 20% hidden buff.

Plus damage isn’t fixed; there’s a fairly large random component.


Thank you @Kerridoc. I knew there was some hidden auto-buff. Shouldn’t this be made aware to the players? Again, a little “?” with a popup msg will squash everyone wondering why isn’t my hero doing the same damage? This “?” is everywhere else and does a great job with its explanations.

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In the best of worlds, yes, but that’s pretty far down on the list of QOL improvements I’d like to see. People who care enough can find it here.

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