Difference is Damage dealt

Can someone explain why Lianna from the RIGHT image dealt 923 damage to Lianna on the LEFT. But, Lianna on the LEFT only dealt 792 damage to Lianna on the RIGHT in a Raid? There were no buffs or ailments at the time either.

As far as I know there’s an auto defense buff in raids causing this. It’s similar to field aid.


I believe the defender gets a damage bonus due to all the attackers advantages. Also possibly due to talent grid?


This, plus the troop type and lvl can change things.

Ive had Magni vs Magni battles, the defending team is boosted a bit. Seems to be initial damage + 150-200 damage

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i understand that. however, in my situation above, my Lianna had higher lvl troops and more consumed emblems.

Almost certainly just the defence Vs offence handicap then


shouldn’t there be a “?” popup icon that explains these auto-buffs in raids for those who wonder why there heroes are not causing the same amount of damage as LIKE heroes on defense?

There is a difference between the troops the two use… however, the one that dealt more damage seem to have lesser troops and less embelms… must have been a critical hit

the difference in the Troop Attack is only 1%

That might be, but maybe the defense difference is a lot bigger…

I checked that too. My Lianna has more Defense. Mine +20% - Theirs +10%.

Then it must have been a critical. I see no other reasonable explanation.


But, people in previous replies in this thread are saying that there are Raid auto-buffs in raids. I am wondering if this is true.

Might be, but in over 3000 won raids I never met one… unless they are hidden and don’t show anywhere, which I highly doubt… Anyway I never bother with the damage calculation algorithm… victory is victory, defeat is defeat plain and simple… if a raid carries out for too long, meaning it gets over a fixed number of turns, not a time period, the game lets you know that you are entering a tiebreaker and the defeder’s attack is increased… other than this I know of no attack buff active for the defender…

I also have done a ton of raids and I just recently been paying attention to the damage differences of LIKE heroes and stats and have noticed there is certainly a difference of damage dealt from the defending hero of approx +200.

I edited my last post, maybe it was the tiebreaker effect?

Nope. I certainly would have accepted that.

Hmmm… odd… maybe there are some hidden defense buffs after all… who knows… I learned not to bother myself with the defense’s advantages long ago… did you know that if all heroes on the field, both sides go down, as an effect of a last hit that kills both attacker and defender because of riposte, the attacker is “defeated”?! I had a hard time accepting that a few month ago, but now is just a part of the game that is really annoying, but it’s just the way it is…

I’m sure it’s built into the mechanism. It’s not like a war bonus, just the maths in the engine.