Difference in Emblems

Hey Guys,

i have a small question.

What do you think is more useful give emblems to the Def point oder to the Health point in General…

I am playing this game since a long time but i am still not sure whats better, due to more Health is simple more health, more def reduces the dmg taken what makes he dont need so much health :smiley:

What do you think is the best option in General due to both are “defensive” stats…
Just ask due i am there with my Joon, i have to choose, atk + def or atk + health, so i have both atk, whats what i am focussing on but the other stat is well not so clear for me.

Is there a kind of maths that tells me for example + 20 Def reduces the dmg by lets say 50…
on the other side i can choose +38 Health

In that speculative example Def would be better than health…

Hope u understand what i want to say :slight_smile:

Thank you

For emblems, DEF > HP (especially when your hero is in your war defense).

Here’s a formula for damage calculation that basically confirms my statement: Damage Calculation

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Thank you thats what i am looking for :smiley:

The caveat is DoTs that are so prevalent nowadays. DoTs don’t get reduced by higher defense, the only counter to them are either cleanse, heal or higher health, so that you can just survive it.

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For riposte heroes you want hitpoints. With all others i usually go with making the stronger of the 2 even better.

There is no one formula that fits all for what path to take. You have to take into account the stats of the hero along with the heroes strength and weakness. I heard someone say once that they tried to use the troops and emblems that helped the strength of the hero and not to make up for the weakness, whether you agree with that or not should help you decide.

You mentioned Joon as being the hero you are trying to choose what path to take. Joon is a powerful sniper and because that is his main strength I would choose to go attack when I had a choice and because his health and defense are somewhat balanced you could go attack + health or attack + defense and not go wrong I think. If you have a hero with poor defense like Magni, I would choose defense route on him.

Look at the hero, the stats and their special. When it comes to heroes that do damage over time with no initial damage, raising the attack will increase the amount of the DOT so again you need to look at the hero and the stats to decide what’s best.

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