Difference between Tarlak and Ratatoskr


Can someone help me please pointing out what is the difference between Tarlak and Ratatoskr and which one is better for Titans Attacks.

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Tarlak increases the attack of all allies, similar to Miki, and can be used with attack buff.
Rat enhances the shields on the board with attack boost, the shields will deal more damage when matched.
You can use them both against titans as their special do not cancel each other out.
If you have to choose one for titans, I’d say go for Tarlak becaue Rat’s special depends on having green shields on the board.


There is nothing common to start with except they both heal.
Tarlak is great for titans for his attack boost and cab ne used on all titans except red and rare green. His attack buff can be paired up with other attack buffers like BT, Wu, Bertulf, C Heim etc.
His heal is not great. He can be used across Titans, mythics, Events and raids.

Squirrel is a better healer. His special transforms all green tiles on the board at the time when the special is cast. If he is on offense it makes it 64% attack and on defense it makes it -57%.
He can shine as a standalone healer. He also is a titan specialist and can be useful on events and raids too thought that is not where you will use him most.

If you are looking for a good titan card and do not have Miki, you can pull Tarlak from fated summon.
If you are looking for a decent green healer with added benefits for titan Squirrel is decent option.


I’d like to further detail this question.

I have Miki and I would like to grab one of the two from FS. Which one will give me better blue Titan scores?

Rat with Miki or Tarlak without Rat?

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Difficult choice here. I trust Tarlak more as his special is straightforward to use.
For Rat, unless you bring scroll of alter or have a great board with lot of green tiles the special can get messy. Imagine you have no green match on the board and you want to fire rat, you have to hold him back. So if you use lot of Scroll, Rat is great, else Tarlak is pretty consistent.

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I would guess Rat with Miki would be better. I’m sure someone else could work out the math and give a difinitive answer, but this is my guess.

Some other considerations for Rat+Miki:
No HoT to waste attack time.
Miki’s silence can prevent the blue titan special that also wastes precious time.
Adds an additional attack boost stack on the board tiles.

The con for choosing Rat+Miki:
Not mono, as Tarlak would be.

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That depends on the rest of your titan team. Miki and Tarlak occupy the same slot. Ratatoskr is in a different slot. So if all the slots are filled already Ratatoskr does not help much, because he will kick someone else out, potentially one that is more useful than him. if you haven´t filled all the slots then he probably helps more, because Miki vs. Tarlak isn´t much of a differennce.

He’ll substitute cAlby, who gives +15% attack from element link and have high attack stat, so Rat will be definitely an improvement in this matter.