Difference between platinum and gold chest loot

I would like to know your experience! Is it worth to struggle around 1800+ cup just to have a platinum loot chest ? Does platinum chest loot way more better than gold? What exactly the differenc?

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It is not “way” better. whether it is worth or not is up to you, and how much you dislike the struggle. I’d say if you are more comfortable and like more being in gold(and staying in platinum is not comfortable/fun ), stay there for now.

As for differences, they have not been mapped out that well. Somewhat more food and iron (maybe like 10-20k more), but other that that it’s just (hopefully) little bit better chances on some stuff, but not anything that shows clearly.

If I recall correctly I don’t think I really got anything from a gold chest maybe an occasional unfarmable ascension item. For platinum though I usually get an unfarmable ascension item every 20-40 chests or so. Maybe around 50-80k food/iron. One strategy I used to use was hover around 1650-1700 cups and as I finish my chest end up around 1800 cups to open the chest.


I traced it for a while, when it was new.
With platinum I got one more crafing item, and sometimes a trainer.

Not a huge difference in loot, but I find it’s much more challenging, and I find that I’m making better strategic choices with my heroes and my boards, which means it’s a lot more fun.

You get raided a crap tonne more though - even with my watchtower at a paltry level 7.

Thank you guys for the tips and tricks :wink: i feel like platinum is the better option. Besides it sounds and looks good as well :))

It about the the same difference as the difference between a 2000 team and a 2001 point team.

I got pretty good loot from Diamond arena Raid chests.

In the past 2 weeks i got like 4 Hidden blades, a ring, an orb, a cape and 3 or 4 ETT(troop token).
Mainly the usual crap tho, but definitely waaaay better than the platinum chests (never got something from there)

Up to RNG. Just opened my first platinum. Nothing to write home about.

More resources - that was the best thing. Got a crud 2* wood shield, a turtle banner, a summon token, 2 gems, an emblem.

Was hoping for a 3* ascension item but of course not.

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