Die Dunkelelfen --- 3 spots left --- be fast

If you
-speak german

  • got a roster with min 15-20 maxed 5*
  • play TItan and war with all flags available
  • have a good sense of humor

come in and have fun.
line “htower1203”

Come on guys and Girls. We arent that bad. :smiley:

1 Slot sold, only two left. Be quick guys and girls. There are no extra seats

Still 2 slots left. Come over and have fun with us

Its me agein. War is almost over. Time for a change?
Come on over. It’ll be fun- for sure! :smiley:

Join “Die Dunkelelfen” before ists too late :smiley:

We are searching for 3 crazy people.

Be competetive, use all Flags
come over and join.

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