Didn't receive heroes from TC20!

Hi there, in the last few days I’ve been monitoring this very closely. When it is time to receive a new hero from TC20 the counter resets with no new hero received. I believe that I have lost so far more than 6 heroes. Please help!

I’m assuming you’ve checked your recent activity log? Can you share screen shots? Sounds very strange. BTW users of the forum are players of E&P just like you.

To submit a support ticket, try this link…

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You gained alot of 3* hero’s where did they come from? Was it back stock of hero’s or you more upset that tc20 isn’t bringing out 4* 5* hero’s.

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No I was saving them but I ran out of space so I decided to consume them for 5* heroes as you can see. I wouldn’t post for not getting 5* heroes as I know i won’t get them with every time.

My bad, If your not getting anything from tc20 it wouldnt show up on your latest history. Being it hasn’t been more of a subject with other players not receiving tc20 stuff.
best is support ticket give as much info as you can, when your next tc20 ready to give you another hero? How many days on it as it resets.

Will do and thanks for the help!

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May sound dramatic but if you video it. Will help your cause.
Not sure how to do that, but if you video put it to your YouTube account then you can post on here.

I’d scroll back further to see if you’ve gotten any TC20 rewards.

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