Didn't get the right Rank rewards for Wonderland Epic

Unless I’m misunderstanding, we’re supposed to get more than just a summon token if we rank higher than 500,000th on the Wonderland challenge.

I think I got the right rewards for Rare (can’t view them as soon as the event’s over), but AFAIK, I definitely didn’t get the right rewards for Epic.

I’ve put in a support ticket, but am just wondering how many other people that happened to. :cry:

You can view your 3*-or-better rewards on options > support > recent activity – but there the rewards for all three tiers are lumped together as one “activity”, so you can’t see which comes from which …

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Oh, hang on – isn’t that 250,000th on Epic (and 100,000th on Legendary)? See 🍵 New Riddles of Wonderland Challenge Event – FAQ, Discussion & Summoning Results


Thanks Sidhekin! Guess I’ll find out when Support answers, but I’m positive I checked many times throughout the event! :grin:

Also, I just discovered that all my ranks changed after the event had ended. I took and submitted screenshots after I’d received the rewards, so it was clearly over, and then when I went to look again, all three of my rankings were lower. How can that be? Still not nearly enough to merit a lower Rank reward tier, though!

EDIT: It occurred to me after posting that this could be as a result of the event not ending globally at the same time…? Or maybe it does, and there are different start/end times for different time zones… :woman_shrugging:

That also reminds me to take screenshots of my Recent Activity – thanks for that!

Yes, much to my surprise, they’re all lumped together. Glad I take separate screenshots when the results come in!

Oh, ■■■■, you’re right! And yet I was positive I had checked the rewards before I started, and many times throughout…

Frig, I only took a shot of the Rare, and thought I had them all… Next time I’ll be sure to do that!

In the end, many still try to get in the ranks.
This leads to that one is still driven out.

Under Support Recent Activities you can already find out what you have received.
At the beginning there is always the silver hero coin.

Red legendary <10 000
Green epic <50 000
Blue rarely <100 000


I didn’t get any rewards for completing wonderland. My partner received his loot over half an hour ago and mine as been “processing” ever since.

:frowning_face: Did you contact support? They’re usually pretty quick to answer… Good luck!

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I am 100% sure I got the wrong rewards. I think they stuffed up something, either the rewards screen, or the tiers for epic middle level did not match what I actually received when the rewards were dispersed. I have a screenshot of what I received in the end, but I don’t have any proof of the rewards tiers because I didn’t screenshot it before it closed, and now it’s not viewable any more. Does anyone have screenshot of this or information on what the reward tiers were supposed to be?

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@Mariamne or @zephyr1 might have the images.

Otherwise try contacting support:


I listed the rewards from Beta in the top post here: 🧪 Early Information on Updated Riddles of Wonderland Challenge Event [Part of The Beta Beat V24]


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