Didnt get the free costume

Dear developes i have bought one offer today earlier and summoned with the keys i got bane
Now i see that some people is getting the summon by free so its not fair please i need my Keys back or at least an answer. I didnt get my free summon

Where did you see a free summon?

The Free Summon I got was by completing the Complete Quest. Is that what you’re talking about?

Here friend.

And here my activity

Thanks for replying

I couldnt complete so no free summon
This can be closed

@zephyr1 @littleKAF
Please close as requested by author.

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Glad to help:). @zephyr1 can you get this?

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I dont have a 4k team yet i think i wont be able to do right now . Anyways thanks for the solution

He completed the Masquerade quest…he got enough keys from there to get a free pull…hence not for free.

you can do it with a weaker team, around 3000 tp should be possible, i don’t remember the bosses health but you probably could use battle items to kill them

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