Didn’t get Nashgar!

I spent 2 dollars on your spiecal deal of 200 gems for 99 cent and I went to buy the character Nashgar for 150 gems image and mind you he is a fire type and a 3 star but instead I got a plant type named Aife and is a one star (if you want a picture of the girl you should make it to where I can put more then 1 picture but if you need it I have it)before I bought him and got a woman instead of a man and a plant type instead of a fire AND A 1 STAR INSTEAD OF A 3 STAR AND A HUMAN INSTEAD OF A TROLL!!! But before that I had 504 gems now I have 354 gems I’m expecting 1 the character I bought or 2 a refund of a 150 gems number one would be more preferable and I understand you might think that 2 dollars isn’t that much but to someone like me it is now demand one of the options I gave to happen I do enjoy your game but if this is how you conduct business by scamming your customers then i feel like I shouldn’t play and I will make sure I worn anybody I know about your scam of making me spend A 150 GEMS FOR A 3 STAR CHRACTER JUST TO GET THE EXCAT APPOSITE AND IF THIS IS A DAM APRIL FOOLS PRANK NUMBER 1 ITS NOT VERY FUNNY AND NUMBER 2 YOUR 13 DAYS LATE IDIOT. Thank you have a good day and I hope you can resolve this issue for me so I can keep enjoying your game and getting my other friends to play and have fun.

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This is the best comment I’ve read in a long time on this forum, mind you also chose to post it in a War thread not a summon one.

Well, in terms of helping you out, you should have spent your gems in the event or epic hero summon, as you are guaranteed at least a 3* hero. The hero that you see when you are pressing summon is just a plain example of POSSIBLE summon result, you ARE NOT guaranteed that specific hero that you see/want/etc.


Hi there! Several things:

  • The hero card you see is for illustrative purposes only, which is why it says “Shown heroes and troops are only examples of possible Summon results”.

  • Daily Summons for 150 gems is for 1-3* “random” heroes or troops (which distributes 1-2* mostly).

  • Epic Summons for 300 gems is for 3-5* “guaranteed Rare, Epic or Legendary heroes” (distributing mainly 3*, with a few 4* and the lucky 5*)

Like many things in the game, Summons are random. You can’t demand and get a chosen hero in game, BUT…the game provides a number of free ways to get more rolls.

Level up your Training Camp(s) to 12 and 13 to make your own 3* heroes for free (level 13 gives you a chance to get a 4*). For the dedicated, a level 20 Training Camp will further give a chance at 5* heroes.

Just so you know that’s out there. :wink:


Maybe you should explain that better instead I tap him it looks like I’m going to get him so maybe you should explain better but here let me explain something I would really like that 150 gems back do you see I explained straight ford instead of explaining terrible let me explain it like you did to me do. you want 300 gems for 10 dollars let’s say you buy that but you didn’t see in very very very small righting at the top you have a chance to get 300 gems and then I give you 20 gems instead that’s what you did to me that is just a very ••• thing to do now isn’t it. But I will give you the benifit of the doubt maybe you didn’t realize some people don’t have the best eye sight especially with no glasses on so maybe to help other people you could a warning before you that it’s random and make the writing bigger at the top I feel like that could help people that I understand you have no reason to give me nashgar and I don’t want him since I understand it’s random so I still have that leaf lady because I didn’t know if i still needed her for evidence so you can take give me my 150 gems back try to make it the writing bigger and all that stuff I said before I’m hoping that you do the right thing thank you have a fabulous day.


Unfortunately nobody is going to give you back those 150 gems, but now you know what to do with your gems. Well, we live and learn! :slight_smile:

P.S.: I love the way you are explaining.
P.S.2: Btw, you should keep Aife as you never know when you pull Nashgar, and you can feed her to him. It would be a nice combo.

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Unfortunately, I’m just a fellow player here like you, AND I happen to disagree with you because I read the warnings before I clicked.

I appologize for the disillusionment. Please read next time. :slight_smile:


Before you are disappointed again. Even is shop you have a certain kind of randomness for some specials. Read closely the discription. You think you get all of the loots and heroes shown but you get at least only two of them…so be careful where you spend your gems.

I like you @WiccanPrincess :slight_smile:

At least 50% of world problems would easily be gone if only people learnt to read :speak_no_evil:

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I want to be polite with you.

You probably do the stupidest thing i ever heard.

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