Didn’t Get HOTM

good afternoon! I would like to write to developers about cheating and lies. I play your game like 5-6 months already a good game coined the class but there is something further to Refine but the essence of the issue and the other I bought diamonds hope to get hero of the month but not received although you were promised but did not keep his word. Means I spent for good reason money and time. It was January. And then I bought the diamonds again. I believed you again. but again, not got hero of the month. Again tricked me developers. Now I want the money back or the two heroes who promised. I hope you are an honest man and responsible for the communication of the word

Hi there!

Let’s take a look at what the game says:

“Each Elemental Summon, Event Summon, or Epic Hero Summon has a CHANCE for a FREE extra Summon of the Hero of the Month.”

There are no promises or guarantees. It is a chance.


This “you have a chance” crap does get tiresome after a while though. Assign a ■■■■ value to it so people really know what their chances are. Being intentionally vague with their language makes them seem shady like they have something to hide.


Lol do you really think people would buy gems if it said “you have a 3% chance to roll a HOTM or legendary”

Of course I know a lot of people who buy them nevertheless but there are also a lot of people like original poster who think they were cheated

I just hope they add a feature where you pay a certain amount of gems for a GUARANTEED hero,

They have that, just not for 5* heroes. 3* heroes plus some other things are available in the shop on a regular basis.

I actually do think people would buy gems and try…that isn’t the point…the point is clearly stating what the odds of getting the HoTM instead of BS vague terminology.

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@Chuck If you don’t like it, find a new game to play. Nobody is forcing you to play a game which doesn’t state the odds or has vague terminology. Unless someone is actually doing just that. Please, if someone is forcing you to play the game please use the phrase “I love vague terminology” in your next post and someone can call the FBI to get your IP address and send help. Or maybe you just like to complain. Whatever floats your boat I guess. If you want to know the odds, be like the rest of us and provide your stats to someone who compiles them, wait for enough data, and then say “thank you” to everyone who kindly participated. If you want to just complain then go to a bar and belly up.

No one cares about 3 stars though

I have no problem actually having a discussion about the topic but since your response was probably the most ridiculously asinine thing I have read on here, and that is saying something, I’ll just move on to another topic. Feel free to ban me or whatever for the snarky reply to a completely stupid original reply.

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No need to be rude. He is entitled to his opinions.


Plus, transparency from the devs builds trust in players (buyers). Nothing wrong with people wanting to know the odds of what they are gambling on. Actually, it’s quite a logical conclusion.


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