Did you have a max level 3* Hero with its Skill level stuck at 3/8?

I really hate when i see my epic and legendary go 8 before first ascension (no rush at all) and this ■■■■ rare don’t level up even with 99% chance.

Are you kidding me?


Yes i had 7 3* heros that were fully levelled, but their special skills did not max. I am now down to 2 left to level.

I just hate this weak system of leveling specials based on fortune. You can do all the tricks you want, feeding one by one, same color, only 1*, theres just that hero that wont give a fruck. Currently i dont have any 3* at 3/8 but i have Kiril [for which i’ve waited a lot - and its like its always happening with the hero you care about - when i level others just for the sake of it they get to the 8/8 after the 1st acension] and its nearly at 3/60 and 3/8 skill, basically he just got the 2 points from the ascensions and that’s it.

Is not fair at all I have 4 of them and special skills is 4/8 is dezastre

I just tried to level up Khagan’s special skill, I had a 44% chance and nothing.

Do I have to feed him all 3*s to have better luck? That would be insane!

Unfortunately, with that it is still a 56% rate that the special up will be unsuccessful, and it looks like it went that way for you on this level up session. At this point in your hero’s development, feeding 10x 3* would not guarantee that either.

I once had a 75% success rate on a skill up for a 3* (yes, that means 3x duplicates) and it failed to update the special.

As this is a 5 star and the road to max out one is long, I would be surprised if you don’t reach 8/8 long before reaching 3^70 as it is pretty rare for a 5* hero still working on specials at that high into the development. I would definitely still try to keep at him with red feeders though.

Good luck to you.

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Is Vlad good as a 3 star purple hero? I have two of him but did not yet bother to level him up.

He’s less then one third up.
Be patient, his time will come.

Oh, it’s Khagan, he probably won’t have his time, but his special will hopefully be upped to 8 after his childhood.

I have a kiril, 3-10, skill level at 3.

My observation is that Vlad isn’t awful, but in general I think Tyrum and Balthazar are better picks to level if the choice is there. More specifically though, Vlad is handy for alliance wars with field aid rules if you’re using 3* heroes for them, since he steals the field aid from the targets of his special.

I dont have first hand experience with this, but i may be on my way to experiencing it with my costumed melendor…An alliance member said that when you max a heroes ascension level and overall level (3^50,4^70 or 4^80), but havent maxed their special…you can still feed them heroes to max their special and he said that it gives a %100 chance every time to level up their special…again i cant confirm this, but thats what i was told.

And if you look at the posters above Namahage hes maxed at 3^50 but the icon for level up is not grayed out so that may be some further validation of what i was told.

Edit: after reaching 4^70 with melendors costume at 7/8 on his special i can confirm that what i was told is false information…the % chance is increased by a good bit as stated below. i was able to add 10 heroes to get to the %100 level up chance…only to find out i cant access the talent grid until regular Melendor is maxed out too…so i got to back up and level him up 70 levels…freaking game…

The level up will be greyed if you reach 3.50 and 8/8 special. You can add 1* or 2* , each 1* gives 10% chance and 2* gives 20% chance . Copy of 3* gives 100% boost.

Keep adding till u reach 8/8.

skill leveling for 3* is really annoying, especially for costume, its impossible to reach 8/8 before they are maxed and when maxed if you level a costume bane with another bane it doesnt give you 100% , it only gives you 30%
costume leveling is already a big joke and waste of ressources, you should made it way easier and faster, costume was at the very first supposed bo be a buff for season 1 heroes to catch up a little bit whit all these new heroes, but SG just made it another way to get free money.
Just give us the costumes and get rid of all these levelling up everything again even if its with a reduced cost of feeders

SG better finda better way to change this issue with the emblem on heroes/costumes let us choose the emblem path for the costumes instead of following the same path of the hero
With the current situation with either have a emblem path for the hero or the costume, cant optimize the use of the emblem. Thats really stupid but its easy to change that cmon

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It’s really simple to level costumes, especially if you have dupe costumes. Just feed them to the other costume. Ascension of costumes is very cheap as well. Once the costume is maxed you can feed it 1* and 2* same color heroes (make it 100% chance to level up every time) and fully max the special skill that way. It’s not difficult it’s just time consuming and that seems to be the major issue. If it were easy then you would get bored and then that’s the issue.

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i know i can get 100% with 10 1* ofsame color, but its annoying to waste ressources that way
season 1 heroes are totally has been, instead of buffing them they made the costumes chamber to make money from that. ok fine but levelling same heroes again and again its even more boring.
especially when at the end you have this stupid situation with emblems not matching the path you want for both hero and costume, you need to choose one and the other will probably have a nonsense emblem path

well, if it’s so bad, don’t buy costumes, John-Doe. And the occasional freebie, just ignore it. By the way, this is a business, of course the company wants to increase profits. The devs are employees, not your enemy.

Agreed, leveling costumes on several dupes becomes tedious at some points, but then the game favors long grinding.

Currently as it is, for heroes with emblems before it’s costume, the only choice to rework the path would be to reset, thanks to SG for ample reset tokens, however to match a desire path on the costume , it still requires an awkward process of flipping to the original hero’s talent grid and trying to match the desired path with that of costume…a bit awkward.

This seems to have changed? Unless costumed heroes have a different rule? Hawkmoon into a costumed Hawkmoon is only 30% which is the same as any other 3*?

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