Did you have a max level 3* Hero with its Skill level stuck at 3/8?

I do.

cries for days about RNG


Now you can feed her with yellow 1* and 2*. You will see that the chance of higher level will rise! It’s new since the latest updates.


I know! But it takes 5+ Heroes just to raise it…
Currently, her Skill lever is 4/8, but only because I fed her another Kailani.

Feeling with you. Had the same Kaila at max/3 and fed her to Musashi. He got a lot from her. :rofl:


Had a balthazar at 3/8. Probably harder to have a maxed 3 with skill at 3/8 then get a Hotm.


Feed her with 10 yellow 1* heroes and skill chance will be 100%.



Ultimate Bane.


Oh yes been there done that…have a namahage that is 3-47 that is sitting at 4/8. I’ve given up worrying about it and just know that it will be easier to raise later. I actually only had 1 3* with a maxed special before the last update came out, now I have 9.

One of my first 3/50 heroes was Hawkmoon with 3/8 skill. Took her to 8/8 eventually…

trick is just use *1 as feeder for *3 hero

i just did power level for 7 *3 but with all *1 as feeder (rug cloth)

Result : 6 heroes with 8/8 and 1 hero with 7/8

With Version 19 the probability of raising the special of a maxed hero is quintupled (5x). Feedijg a Kailani to a Kailani has a 100% to increase her skill.

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Had a Vlad who was fed 1* & 2* heroes one by one. Got him to max at 3/8 special. I was glad of the update improving the special chances when at max level.
Edit: By the end of the process I was actually hoping not to get a special rise, just to say I’d managed to get a hero leveled without one.

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Usually (Vlad not included because he is seasonal) to max a special after the hero is leveled, you will have to have 4 of that same hero. That increases special skill by 100% it is best practice to feed same color heroes to increase leveling and increase chance to improve special skill:)

@Laciloulou not anymore. Now 10 1* feeders or 5 2* feeders of the same color give a 100% chance to raise the special of a leveled hero. 1 duplicate also now has a 100% chance.

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Really? I haven’t noticed that, but thank you

Yep! It’s so much better than the old way.

Same as @Kerridoc explanation above

And if you got another one and use to up this one it is a 100% chance with the hero max level. If not it is 25%

If the is anyone with a 4* at 4/8 then that is bad luck!!!

If you feed her a duplicate Kailani the chance to improve special will be 100%. It’s the most efficient way if you’re willing to wait.

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