Did you feel that we are dealing with an A.I. algorithm?





It’s the first time for me to hear that the irrational number represented by the greek letter pi is “normal” haha It’s far from “normal” in my book but I guess we can agree this is subjective (and you also used quotes around it so :person_shrugging:)

Never bad to go back to the basics sometimes :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

:+1: for (I think, or at least one of) my most favourite gif meme :star_struck:


People do not understand how RNG plays out. They expect a rigged approach based on the headline chance figures.

The reason why the game is getting harder is defences are harder at the moment.

The mind turns that into various explanations that suit each player

So no there is not AI rigging against solo in my opinion.

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Sorry, wasn’t clear enough. It’s “normal” in a sense that we “know” a large chunk of the decimal places. But to get further it will be difficult without the use of pseudorandom number generators. I read an academic article about this a while back. I’ll try to find it, but yea, I agree with you and “normal” is definitely subjective and context dependent.

Hmm, I would be very interested into reading such a study if you can find it again because I’m really intrigued on how PRNGs could help determining more digits of pi, which is a fundamental constant in maths and physics :exploding_head:

To be honest, I never delved too much into it as even though it was interesting, I never found enough time to get into it. But it was a while back and as I recall it was intriguing.

David Bailey was the mathematician that did a ton of work on it and here are some references to it


There is more difgiculty going mono than the 80% for an offcolor tile!

I am assuming you are an midtier player and your opponents are the same.

Their defense will havs 3-5 LB2 heroes, your average mono team will have 1-3 at best.

Their defense has 3+ maxed 5* troops, your atk team has one plus one or two 4* troops st lvl. 23+

Their defense has 2+ heroes with master emblems, most of your mono teams have none.

Their defense has 3-4 heroes newer than 18 months, your mono teams have one or two.

If my assumptions are right, you will even struggle with a decent board!

Happy gaming