Did you ever meet your team mates in real life?

Hi folks, title says all.

Tell us a story of merging RL and gaming.

Here is mine:
As a noob to E&P I joined an alliance next to my hometown. I live in a small village near Hamburg in Germany. An aliance ‘Pfefferbude Hamburg’ was under the first matches and I thought nice.

And next weekend we’ll meet in a bar in Hamburg to get to know each other. Hopefully about 10 E&P junkies will come. 15 out of 27 are from there.

More to come afterwards - I’ll keep you informed…

So now tell yours :grinning:


I’m in alliance with my good friend, I never meet rest


@Olmor Hope you have fun with the meet-up!

Our alliance has several real-life connections in it, but no one has met up so far since we’re all scattered around — but we’ve talked about it if anyone ends up traveling nearby.

There’s a fun thread about people playing with spouses/significant others/friends that you might also enjoy. @Radar1 reminded me of it when mentioning playing with a friend:


I travel for work. Have met up with a few teammates on my travels. It’s fun, meeting one again in couple weeks for some beers


Difficult being from 6 different countries, but some fellas who live close from each other will meet soon.


We were at least 5 alliance members as we met. Was fun to talk about the game and our real lifes for a few hours.

Awesome to get to know the people behind the avatars.


The only one in my alliance I know personally is my wife (she started playing cuz of me). I have never met anyone else.

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Never happen that because most people in every alliance are from different countries

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About a month or so after I joined Crystal Palace we had 2 new recruits (@Uclapack & @Dator) join. After the basic get to know you introductions we realized we only lived about 20 mins from each other. Since then we have met up a few times.


Yes it was pretty surreal to find out he lived so close! We went out to the casino and he showed me the proper way to play craps. Did I also mention he bought us steak dinners?! Great family and I never would have met them unless it was for E&P.


dont think any one is in sydney booooo

Not quite with alliance mates and not quite connected. Even though this game seem to have a numerous player base world wide, the odds that I would find another player of the game close to me might be slim.

I was on my way home from a flight after Christmas last year, short trip and the plane lands, and while taxiing to the gates, saw a guy sitting a row in front of me took out his cell phone, played some candy crush, ok, still popular game I see.

Then something familiar went by my eyes, Empires and Puzzles, some random stranger was actually playing a game I didn’t think I would find a lot of people playing! A few heroes I wanted appeared on his roster, nice! Last time I glanced over he was just about to do the 3rd or 4th stage to Shrikewood. Inside my mind I was like yeah! I did that stage too in the morning.



Begin to dig, I’m right on the other side, nearly atipodic… :slightly_smiling_face:

I’d like to visit Sydney one day.

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What a great question.

My alliance is mostly american and canadian, being from scotland myself it would be hard.
However one member lives in the next town to me so meeting him would be do able.
I would like to meet them maybe one day

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I’m about 5 hours north in Nambucca Heads. :grinning:

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once a year my father who retired goes away on a princess cruise ship around the world some were so each year i get to go with dad an i go around the world so far ive been twice around australia once to the islands up north once from argentina to chille 100 days time i go with old man to england and we sail around from england irland scotalnd and france for 3 weeks :slight_smile: who knows i might meet some empire n puzzel players :smiley:

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and i cant or wont play e and p when im on vacation so i loose my cups but i dont care cost a week after i end up with more :smiley:

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I’ve video chatted a few but not met in person. i got a couple lined up for when i get a driver license. lol .

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