💇‍♀️ Did Vivica get a new hair stylist or something? Vivica’s Super Sale Offer

We’ve had offers in this format before, though I don’t recall this one in particular.

But what mostly caught my attention is the artwork for Vivica.

It seems remarkably different in style to me than her usual artwork. I feel like it looks like it’s from something out of a Nintendo 64 or GameCube game.

Is it just me, or do you think she looks a lot different too?


I was just about to post the same thing. She looks very different here. :slight_smile:


Not. A. Fan.


@petri, sagas and ballads are written about Epic heroes, not CGI Street-Fighter creatures.


That’s actually exactly what it reminded me of too.


This is MORTAL COMBAT!!! Get over here…

Yea, not a big fan of that look. Definitely a throwback. Luckily not as far as my 1st video game, Pong.


I posted the same immediately after the offer popped up. This is definitely not the Vivica I know.


She is more toonish. While I like “the original” the most she isn’t bad.



She reminded me of her. Chun Li…in red. Loved her.


That was a teenage Vivic in the offer.


Yup, Street Fighter was the first thing that came to mind for me, too. Not a fan.

Please spend the art budget fixing Nadnog’s card instead. The art is not great and she’s just a female version of Anzogh.

Chun Li from Street Fighter was the first thing I thought off too except the hair’s a bit different. Looks more like SNES artwork you see in boxart or instruction manuals. Now that’s a nostalgia ride for me, and I’m okay with that.

I like the artwork. What I dislike is that the hidden blade is in the most expensive offer :frowning:


I assumed it might be a nod to her upcoming costume, but I’m not in beta, so I don’t know about that at all. Just a guess.


Good thought, but no, it looks nothing like her costume as seen in Beta.

The heroes also didn’t change position or art style in their costumes, it’s almost like they’re drawn on top of the original artwork.

The effect sort of reminded me of paper dolls, where a costume is laid on top of the paper drawing beneath.


Well, I have less than zero artistic talent, so I guess I don’t have much right to complain, but that seems to give the potential for some odd-looking costumes. I’ve already been concerned about having to make a hero look massively stupid to get a good costume effect, and this does little to calm those fears. Paper dolls? Eesh!


The art aesthetic was mostly in keeping with the original style of each hero (though not their design), but I found it sort of amusing that the positions were unchanged, which is why that’s what it reminded me of.

In some cases some portions were redrawn a bit, like Bane’s arms being redrawn bare, or Boldtusk’s hands being exposed.

You can get a sense of what I mean by looking at Boldtusk and Quintus from the sneak peek, and comparing their positions and faces to the originals.


I’m not the greatest artist but from experience I can tell you that redrawing over old artwork is easier than making new art from zero. It’s basically paperdolls, like you said. I bet the lazy artist didn’t change any of the poses in the new costumes, right? :joy:

The artist from the offer must be a different person. They probably saw Vivica’s chinese dress / hair buns, and thought “Ahh she’s a wizard Chun Li, let’s draw her in a hype fighting pose” :man_facepalming:


While looking onto the picture of vivica, her look is quite different and a bit odd…

What do you think?


She appears to be on a crash diet and losing most of the weight from her cheeks…

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this was my exact thought too

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