Did titan loot got nerfed on last mini update?

I am recording my loot and since last mini update my loot was reduced for 5-7 AM in 10 titans to 2-3… My alliance is fighting 10 star titans.
And it is all over my allaince we truly get nothing.
This is the most annoying stuff in this game, waiting for AM like baggers.
And they nerfed it… Statistics don’t lie

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I agree… Same story here.
Frustrating man.

Are you calling a sample of 10 titans statistics? C‘mon mate…


I have recorded above 100 kills and last few weeks it went down drastically… I just gave u a sample for the amount i got for 10 titans. Next time read twice what people write before write wrong things…

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You guys are lucky, I’ve only gotten one single mat from all my titan chests for the year, so every 5 days is basically disappoint.

Doubt it. I get a 3* AM for basically every titan lately.

A decrease of mats in a sample of last 10 titans. I‘d not even call it an outlier but standard deviation…

Hmm, we need statistics as @Garanwyn would say.

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I think OP means Titan reward, not Titan Chest.
I also never get AM until yesterday, I get Mystics Rings from Titan chest, and I was suprised and screaming “whoaaa amazing!”

Sample size 1:

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Every update the titan loot is nerfed!
Since Oct 17

There are plenty of more threads!


Feels like loot got nerfed all over the place. The number of new postings in rewards and mystic vision decreased during the last weeks.

I also get almost crap these days. Since the new buildings arrived almost no mats.

The 600 gem offer get at least 2 of … seem to come up more often now, but that’s no alternative.

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Nothing is getting nerfed!!! It‘s various bug fixes and improvements :joy::laughing:


Ah I was wondering where the “we nerfed loot” message was in the News & Updates post :thinking: That makes sense! They’re hiding it from us, those sneaky devs :busts_in_silhouette:


Sorry i didnt get to the conclusion that in 5/6 more updates there will be not loot for anyone!
At this update nerf rithm


Titan loot has been mostly garbage for awhile. Welcome to a Gacha game.

They gacha money

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I am so disappointed with this game. My alliance kills every ten star and the occasional eleven. I haven’t received a 4 star mat in so long. Probably 5 weeks. What’s the sense in summoning if you can not get the required mats. It’s beyond ridiculous. I spent so much money and I’m almost to the breaking point. If the loot don’t improve I’m out. Over a year +1/2 wasted!!

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They want us to buy gems to create mats in alchemy lab

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It’s been 17 days since update, we killed 14 titans 2 rare. I got B class in 7 and the rest was A or A+ i got from all those titans 1 compass 1 hidden blade…
It is not luck it is a nerf. Cuz all my allaince have the same “luck”…
And yes it is cuz of greed for the alchemy lab gems so the reducing our loot once again. Ffs

These were back to back from yesterday. Titan and Titan chest. Loot is fine. Your sample size is too small.

But you know… whatever makes you feel better.