Did the skip chest feature get nerfed with latest update

I am someon who skips the wait time on chests usually 2-3x per day. Woke up this morning not having played since last night. Skipped my raid chest wait of 1.5 hours and went to work on it. When I was done went to skip monster chest wait of 55 minutes and it told me I had to wait an hour. Did they need how frequently you can skip chests now?

I think there is no nerf on that point. There has always been a limit regarding how often you can skip the wait time, something like four times a day (with some hidden timer running in the background) or so. I am sure someone knows more precisely? :thinking:

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I think you can have up to a max of 3 ‘charges’ of chest-skipping and a charge regenerates every 8 hours (counting from the time the first skip was used).
E.g. if you don’t skip at all for 24 hours you will have all your charges available but if you then skip 3 times in quick succession then you will have to wait 8 hours to be able to skip again once and so on.

Previous explanation as I understand it (note; never actually confirmed by staff… :confused:)


I don’t think so… I always have nerfed chest by skipping too much… before this update.

I open 5 chests a day. 03 of monsters and 02 of attacks. Every 5 days 01 chest of Tita. I break this rule on weekends with my family. From 5 to 8 days I get a colorful chest.

I don’t believe this was correct until maybe yesterday.

I do monster/raid chests morning and evening. Have never had a problem doing 1-2 gem skips on both (that’s 4 per day) to keep these times consistent. After downloading yesterday’s update, I am now sitting on a 4.5 hr wait timer on the raid chest. It used to be the degree of the skip affected the timer. Now it’s just a raw number?


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