Did the raids reward improve any?

Just wondering if the raids reward got any better with the new update or did this section just get a little flashier? I did it once and didn’t notice any kind of better reward (platinum).

First diamond i get gloves.
Not bad for a first.

I wouldn’t say better just that they tiered it. So now the higher the arena the more chance you get at the ascension items. I have gotten a wanted mission before the update that just had food, iron, and gems. With it being split into arena tiers it guarantees a specific amount of rolls. I can see the up and down side to the situation, but it adds a little less rng.

And thats the second.
Definetely worth stay in diamond.

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In beta I got a Tome of Tactics from a diamond chest. We have a very small sample size yet, so too early to tell.

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Monster chest diamond reward : food, iron, 1 battle manual and 1 gem. They seriously should have incorporated a minimum…because that reward is ridiculous.

I just hope they didn’t decrease the rewards to the lower tiers. That will create a situation where the more experienced players who already have highly ascended heroes get ascension items while lower players have an even more difficult time breaking into the upper echelon.

Monster chests are not affected by your tier, just raid chests.

Anecdotal viewpoint from my experience so far is that gold tier gave me nothing I hadn’t seen from a decent, though not exceptional, raid chest before the update, but I got those decent chests more often than I had before, several since the update instead of weekly. My one platinum chest today was about the same in interesting contents as a typical decent pre-update chest.

Hell no!!!
It’s from bad to worse… really.
The rewards for a 6* titan are rated from 1 to 2 star.
Plus… In my opinion there should be some kind of reward system not only for defeating a titan but also for the crates, which it’s not clear.
You don’t know what to expect…

That’s just one case (maybe a few at best), it means nothing.

I have received like 3 or 4 non-farmable ascension items from titans after the update, I guess this means they have improved the loot a lot! Awesome! /sarcasm end

I echo Kerridoc: It’s too soon to tell.

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It would help if people posted lots of examples of loot from all tiers. We could then get enough data collectively to make some informed decisions.

Actually … This post is supposed to be referring to raid rewards, not titan rewards. Just wanting to know if raids are now worth the effort.

All the examples above are from raids, not titans. Raid chests are Bronze/Silver/Gold/Platinum/Diamond; Titan chests are Loot Tier [roman numeral].

So far, it looks like Diamond chests are better than old raid chests, Silver is worse. In between?

With the caveat that some of the discussions is actually wrong now that v1.10 is actually finished, that’s game development for you, the Devs seemed to imply rewards besides food & iron:

Or did the Wanted Hero mission chest not drop crafting materials and consumables before v1.10 ? My screen shots seem to show crafting materials already.

The hero wanted chest certainly has included such things as long as I’ve been playing, but that question implies to me that in the future we may be seeing them in addition to the food and iron we get from individual raids.
I think that’s a positive thing, as long as a raider’s rewards of anything that can’t be produced in a stronghold like food or iron don’t come out of the loser’s inventory. It’s hard enough already to keep up with materials for forges without suddenly being able to lose them in raids.

Each food and iron loot is level related and it is only logical.
The higher level you are the more food and iron you get. Not in exact values but generally.
This includes: monster chests, elemental monster chests, hero (raiding) chests and titan chests.

Pre 1.10, raid chests were the same as monster and Titan chests, which meant there was a small but non-trivial chance of rare mats. Post change, I have yet to hear any reports of rare mats in Bronze-Gold.

This has been the kind of platinum rewards in 5 chests, so, not really worth it so far

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