Did the gem cost for skip wait on chest change?


Usually it was 58min = 1 gem?

Now 55min still shows 2 gems … or do I have it wrong?


I don’t think it has changed. I believe the formula is linear (I have only been skipping chests recently):

gems to skip = ROUND((20 gems/12 hours) * (number of hours left))

So for 55 min, that is 0.916666 hours:

ROUND((20/12)*0.916666) = ROUND(1.5278) = 2 gems


From this formula (if it is right), you would pay 1 gem when it hits 53 minutes.


Why would you accelerate those chests anymore?..I used to…but now I have gotten very few items that you cant farm in the last month…dissapointing


Yes, it is certainly not worth it any longer. Elemental chests are not worth diamonds, not even 1


I sometimes accelerate the monster chest timer by 1 or 2 gems (:54 minutes or 1:29)

I try to fill the chests early in the morning and after work (sometime between 6-7 am and pm)

If I don’t accelerate the the clock every once in while, it will start to creep past 8 and it becomes a pain.


At 53:59 it’s one gem still.


Elemental chests are definitely worth gems. Especially if you are short on unfarmable ascension items (which most people are). How many per skip is something my alliancemates and I are investigating. :slight_smile:


So keep us updated how many times you need to skip to get an elemental chest (and how many gems you spend). My experiance is that even those chest are not worth a dime anymore. I often get better AM from mystic Vision recently. Hence I am with Branwen. Not worth to skip anymore.


Ahhh okay … full flags 55min … 1 gem … yeah open it up


If we assume that skiping chests does accelerate elemental chests wouldnt the diamonds in the elemental chest make up for the diamonds spent to skip chests ?


I once checked and the formula is linear with an offset: last gem accelerates up to 54 mins, any other gem accelerates further 36 mins, so 2 gems up to 90mins (1h30min), 3 gems 126min (2h6min) and so on


Non farmables have all but dried up…even my mystic vision