Did someone notice that kadilen special skill not to effective?- SOLVED

got something wrong with kadilen skill. it said +74% defense special skill, so i little bit confused lately after the update, try to raid at the end i try face my team with isarnia. first i didnt turn on kadilen skill, i let isarnia hit my team n i saw 370 something damage to my team. second time i turn on kadilen skill n let isarnia do skill again, the result its only 260 damage to kadilen. from first hit 370 damage to kadilen skill it must 96 damage only why still got 260? its not +74% defense special skill i think.
i little curious so i go to province here some a picture,

after do the raid i little bit curious with kadilen skill, so i go to province to see the skill is effective or not. so this some screen shoot. the picture i shoot at same day, like you can see that first picture i didnt active skill and let the monster do some damage and skill see the damage 126. and we compare with second picture after i activated the kadilen skill the damage reduce until 51.
from 126 if kadilen skill reduce special skill +74% it should be 32/33 damage. the picture just my example its little bit same with some raid, that the kadilen special skill not so effective or i can say not +74%.
how about in raid that some hero can do some crazy special skill damage, kadilen not so effective do you think? or maybe someone got kadilen?

sorry the first pic not coming with second pic so i reply my topic with 2 pictures before n after kadilen skill.

It is not a direct reduction, but an increase to your defense. So it is working as intended I think.
You can find explanation to how the damage is calculated here on the forums for further reading. :slight_smile:


thanks to you evil : )