Did our awesomeness ruin your day? #SorryNotSorry is looking for more awesomeness

#SorryNotSorry is seeking like-minded, active players to join their new alliance, comprised of awesome veterans and equally awesome new players.

Currently, we are taking down 5-6* titans and are undefeated at war! We are a small alliance wanting to grow and have fun while kicking titan a** and taking names in war.

1000 cups preferred but everything is always negotiable. We expect you to use all 6 war flags if you opt into war and to sufficiently smack the Titan with all that you’ve got. Line app is our method of communication and this is a requirement that isn’t negotiable. You can’t be awesome as a team without proper communication and sharing a wealth of knowledge.

If you are awesome, come join us. I’m sure we will think you are! Line ID: Rars22

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