Did not recieve gems for completed mission


I was suppose to receive 50 gems for training 50 heroes but my gems didn’t go up after I claimed the reward.


I would recommend taking a screenshot of your mission log, and sending it, via an email, to support@smallgiantgames.com I would also include your account code (shown while logging in, and in settings, in ‘about’ I believe) but I would not post the account code here on the forums, as it is the unique ID for your game.


Where can I find my mission log? All I see is the missions that are currently in progress.


That’s what I mean. There should be a new version of a similar mission, like, “train 200 heroes” or the like. That will make clear that you already completed the 50.


Ok, Thank you! This is helpful.


Are you sure it wasn’t 5 gems? I don’t think any give more than 30. I know train 1000 was 30 or less, so I would be surprised if train 50 was 50 gems



Yeah, that’s odd.