Did not receive Paths of valor elemental summons coin

I was able to achieve 2 stages simultaneously this morning, the first was for the elemental summons coin, it says I already received it but I did not use it and it’s not showing up anywhere?
Thanks for your help

You need to do a support ticket through the game. The forum is all players and we are unable to fix issues in the game.

PS Welcome to posting in the forum.


Do you mean the Epic Hero Token, like this?


If it’s not showing in your Inventory or at the Epic Hero Summon, you should submit a ticket to Support, as @SupremeAlienRaptor suggested:

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Thank you very much and I’m happy to be here :smiley:

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Have you bought Valor Pass? I that’s premium reward… Only obtainable if bought POV pass.

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after playing raid tournament it did not give me credit for path of valor

This is probably not a bug.

Generally we have going that people progress to the next tier and don’t realize it. You have probably moved into the second or third tier without noticing.

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