Did not receive items I purchased

This morning, June 21, 2019 around 8 am Mountain time. I purchased the new arrows but they were not delivered. The gems were reduced but didn’t get the arrows.

Having issues with my VIP PET DRAGON the loot tickets are not showing in my account.

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Hi @Fabeebabee and welcome to the forum. In case this is your first time using VIP, it may be worth mentioning that they don’t show up automatically. You claim them and the gems and emblems by clicking on the little gem that appears near your pet dragon each day.

If you’re familiar with how VIP works already, have you checked your Recent Activity log to see if the system is recording you as having received them?

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I clicked on to receive the loot tickets gems etc

And immediately went to use them and they weren’t logged or able to use.

I just checked my recent activity and it hasn’t logged as having received them this morning - but the dragon reset and had another 4 hours before the next available lot

You should definitely submit a support ticket then. They can help you with missing items. Here’s how:

My problem wasn’t with the VIP, my problem is I did not get the new arrows I purchased. The gems were deducted, but I did not get the confirm window.

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