Did not receive hero from TC20 after V21 update

TC 20 was counting down to pop out a hero for me, I was in game awaiting my new hero, I noticed the timer over the camp turn to 1day, 23 hours but no hero came out. I logged off the game and back in, still no hero… The timer in the camp (when opened) is missing (known bug).
Just wondering where my new hero is.

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Can you check your Recent Activity log to see if you received the hero but it just didn’t produce any pop-up?

If it’s not there, then definitely you should open a support ticket. Let them know the approximate time when the timer rolled over but no hero was produced, so they can look through the logs to figure out what happened.

Here’s how to open a support ticket:



Thanks, will do.
20 char


I had the exact same thing happen to me too. No hero from my lvl 20 center twice I a row; the counter just reset. I already submitted a ticket too, but just wanted to say you’re not alone with this bug.

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