Did not receive any ascension mats in Loot Tier 9 of 7 ๐ŸŒŸ Titan

I have not received any ascension mat despite being in Loot Tier 9 of a 7 :star2: Titan.
In fact, I have received a compass only once in my entire game life as Titan spoils.
Please find attached the screenshots of my loot.
Is this normal or a bug?

Should I report this as a bug?

Am I missing something?

Please advice

Ascension materials donโ€™t only mean cape, shield, orbs, etc.

Loot tier 9 should give you 3 ascension mats. You got 2 ropes and 1 dagger, so everything there.


Unfortunately it is not a bug, just bad luck. My alliance kills 14* titans all the time and we often just get garbage. This game is intentionally keeping some materials scarce so players will spend money to buy them.


Thank you, Math-Teacher.
Lol, Another SG lesson to conserve our resources (time, energy & money) rather than feeding SG profits. I believe itโ€™s time to stop playing.

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Sorry Ferg, in my opinion, itโ€™s very bad & greedy on SGโ€™s part to include farmable ascension mats also in Titan, wanted mission loots.
It seems that they just want to earn money by hook or crook.
Players are spending but the least SG could do is allow players access to non-farmable ascension mats via Titan loots, Wanted mission chests etc. To include farmable items here too makes it a kind of โ€˜lucky drawโ€™ caper.
Sorry but my honest opinion

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Hey lightsmesseger,
Thatโ€™s what I said, even after spending money & feeding these greedy people, we need to be lucky to get non-farmable ascension mats.
Boy, I may just as well stop playing



Yep. This game is not for everyone. Better use your brain and stop playing now.

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This is unfortunately entirely normal, and not a bug.

All of it is strictly by design, intended to separate you from your money.

What is a โ€œgameโ€ for us, is strictly a revenue producer to them. They never cared about the game, the players, or any semblance of game balance. What few scraps they do allow us to have for free are only meant to entice us into spending more.

I have been quietly (occasionally forcefully) โ€œhushedโ€ for saying so on several occasions, and branded both a liar and a hater. But you have now seen fully firsthand how it works. I do not need to post my objections in order to reveal the truth. Those who eventually open their eyes will all see it for themselves.

True TGW, very true. Greed knows no bounds. Alas, a good game but will lose out in the long run. Never going to touch another product from the same guys

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It is unfortunate. I like the game also, but I stopped giving them money once I finally realized I wasnโ€™t getting my moneyโ€™s worth.

Iโ€™ll continue to play for free going forward. Just as they bled me for all the money they could get out of me before I woke up and pulled the plug, I am going to bleed them for whatever entertainment value is still left in what I already worked and paid for. After that? LOL nope.

Itโ€™s funny. When I first started playing, I would have 8/10 recommended it to others. Today? Would 0/10 recommend.

Sounds harsh, and here I am saying it on their forum. Iโ€™m saying it because I want them to understand. That they did this to themselves. Theyโ€™ve had several opportunities to try to redeem themselves, to restore their reputation. Instead they keep doubling down on greed.

Fair enough, itโ€™s their game, they can ruin it however they want to I suppose.

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I think I will also stop feeding them & play free for entertainment purposes only. Not decided yet, maybe better to cut my losses. :slightly_smiling_face:

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If you are even tempted in the slightest to spend, as many are, remind yourself of how low the summoning odds are. That right there is enough to keep me from giving them my card number ever again.

If that isnโ€™t enough to keep you from spending, then yes, you probably should uninstall the game entirely. I used to think it was crazy for people to go and delete their entire rosters that they had spent hundreds or thousands of dollars on. But honestly, if that is what it takes to protect yourself from further temptation, then that is what must be done. Because this game has already shown us who they are.

Very true. No more spending on the game, for sure!

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Actually, I am okay now. I havenโ€™t spend an obscene amount of money & dug myself into a financial hole. The expense is palatable.
That said, now that the reality is clear, โ€˜no more spendingโ€™ is going to be my motto.
Quite thankful, actually, that these unscrupulous businessmen have actually strengthened me.
This is white collar or corporate crime.

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I donโ€™t think you need to stop playing. Just stop spending. I still think this is a good game and I am still enjoying it after more than 2.5 years. Once enough people have stopped spending and SG is hurting in their wallet, maybe they will consider opening things up and giving players better loots and heroes.

True that. I am not spending even a cent on this henceforth

Sadly that loot is normal. Itโ€™s been almost two weeks for me when titan doesnt give me even any 3* matโ€ฆ Just usual crap, titan parts, and like a couple of gems :neutral_face:

OP Bug asked & resolved.

There are many pre-existing threads for complaints/ suggestions/ venting/ requests for better Titan Loot.

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