Did not receive 10 hero’s on event pull

I only received 9 hero’s on a recent 10 pull from the Santa seasonal summons. I want Santa or Mother North or my 2600 in gems back! I have proof from my “recent activities” and I took a snap shot!

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Did you check for duplicates (x2)?


Check for a hero that had x2. That’s most likely what happened.
You can provide a screenshot of your recent activity for us to try to help!

Could you show us your snapshot of your recent activity?

I am unable to upload the snapshot. When I hit the link the option to search photos or upload a photo is not given.

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020860, this sounds to me like an ‘I want’ thread with as much credibility as ‘stolen elections’ that currently make the rounds. If you indeed have a screenshot, why not contact support, why post here?

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It’s an icon at the top of every single reply and you just want us to take your word for it? Supply the screen cap of that too.

You still have to manually navigate to where the photo is stored, You must be a hit on Instagram.

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OP must have realized his error, or already unable to log in his account after claiming a refund :grin::grin::grin:

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Sorry to burst your bubble-I don’t have an Instagram or Twitter account

If you are only showing 9 in your recent activities it might be because one was x2 like Muggy is in this one


Your hero limit may be full, so I guess you didn’t win the hero.

No, it will excess, I often make sure my hero limit is full with feeder before doing pull in portal. So that I can feed with many heroes at a times (specially for higher tier and level that need more experience).


Oddly, neither do I so I can’t imagine why I would mention them. :thinking:

The same thing was happened many times and expressed in the forum but every time moderators are blocked my compliant, and said it was against forum rules. I certainly agree with you. You might be blocked by moderators from adding the screen shot. I request you approach Support from the game options, there you can add screen shot and any recorded video also, certainly your Problem will be attended by the Staff

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This is also will happen, because some times the server is not working properly and very few people will complain about this because the notification window will show that it is connection error from the player device but not the server Problem, please complain in support, and I will be with you

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Did you give your browser permission to access your files? You need to do that in Android.

@nevarmaor- I have an iPhone.

I don’t know iPhones but maybe the same?

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