Did not get the items I paid for with gems

I bought the challenge pack, the gems were deducted, but I did not get the items I paid for. Actually went through this twice. I claimed the items but they don’t show in my inventory. This was approximately 323 pm on 4/13/19.

For specific account issues you need to contact support directly.

We are all players like you and can neither access your account to check for errors or correct any mistake :frowning:


How to contact support from the game.


I’ve always had a problem with signing in for support. If you can’t get through that way, try just hitting on the support request and bypass the sign-up altogether.

I’ve done this 3 times previously with no problem.

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I had the same thing happen bought guaranteed challenge pack. Did not get arrows axis defense flag or attack Flags I sent them pictures of my inventory immediately after told them the approximate time you will need the exact time. They told me no one else has reported this to them therefore there is not a bug and I got my items even though my inventory said I did not get any new items. I just had it happen again and was coming here to report it but I guess I will do it directly through support and once again be told there’s no bug. They have either a bug that is not marking the items new and inventory or we are not getting our stuff.

Items below 3* do not have any special indicator in your inventory showing how many you just received. Things like arrows or axes won’t show up in the red new-items numbers on your inventory tab. They also don’t get a little yellow circle over the icon with a number showing how many new ones you got.

You undoubtedly received the items you paid for, but just didn’t see any notifications for the 1* and 2* items.


They told me that logs showed I received them, but they did not show up. Error regardless as there was supposed to be limit of 1. The log showed I received 2. I don’t believe I got them. Bet your life next time I will get before and after pics of inventory.

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That’s always a good thing to do if you’re concerned.

Thank you interesting customer support didn’t know this.

You’re welcome–although I’m just another player like you are :slightly_smiling_face:

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