Did not get hero from training camp after research complete

It seems to me after completing research in training camp I have always gotten a new hero. Today I used gems to speed up research in epic level hero and did not receive the hero shown? Is this a bug? Is this how it is supposed to be? ???

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Don’t understand exactly.
Research only unlocks the possibility to train heros.
Research itself produces no heroes.
After research you have to start training heroes with extra ressources.


Also, not sure what hero you’e talking about being shown. Are you referencing the image shown next to the TC level? I’ve included an example below of the Elite/Epic hero level of the TC.

If this is the hero you’re referencing, you are not guaranteed to receive this hero. This is only an example of a possible hero.

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It just happened to me. I was training 3x lvl 20 camp, it’s 2 days waiting each one. To my surprise, 2 days later, when the first one finished, I checked it was already training the second, but no hero was shown to be collected. It’s just like The training resulted in nothing.

Same thing just happened to me. I finished training a level 20 ,but I did not get a hero.

Please submit a support ticket in-game.

What happened when you pushed the icon to collect the hero? Did it show a hero, but then the hero wasn’t in inventory? Did nothing happen? Or something else?

That is really messed-up, strange and unexpected… Never heard of such a thing before in over half a year… Are you sure you didn’t just claimed the hero and got some 3* hero that got by unnoticed?

Nothing happened , no icon, no hero just started training the next one

Support ticket is the only way to resolve this.

Nothing happened at all. It just starts counting next training.

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