Did not get credit in Path to Valor Event

I completed the Farholm Pass Challenge but did not get the credit for completing a challenge event.

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Farholme is a quest, not a challenge event. Avalon is the next Challenge event starting next week. Challenge events are monthly.


Sample Challenge events:

  • Pirates of Corellia
  • Fables of Grimforest
  • Guardians of Teltoc
  • Knights of Avalon

Maybe they should of used that as the icon instead of the ship? :woman_shrugging:


@Petri & @KiraSG, this could be a good piece of advice/ easy to implement which will cut back on a heap of the confusion relating to the Valour Challenge to Complete a Challenge

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I actually completed Knights of Avalon for the Epic level and did not get credit. How do I get that fixed?

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I agree! Same has happened to me! Why play this game if the rewards are not going to be as said?

I completed every stages on all three levels and received no points at all! Why is this so?

@Joyfulgirl & @Reinal

Just remember that the Path of Valor Valor Challenge to do with the Challenge Events has 3 tiers to it:

Tier I = Complete 1 Challenge Event
Tier II = Complete 2 Challenge Events
Tier III = Complete 3 Challenge Events

SO; if you completed one stage (say Epic) you would have completed Tier 1. If you completed all 3 stages (epic, rare & legendary) you will have completed Tier 1 & 2.

Just check that when you say “I haven’t gotten credit” that you have not rolled over to the next tier & just accidentally/ not payed attention when you collected the “Valor Points”.


Looks like this when you’ve done all three in Avalon

See how it says “complete a challenge event III”

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I completed all three stages as well and received no points! What with that? It is sad to play this game and not to receive the rewards that is said to be! It get very disappointing to pay for things or play for rewards and not receive! I know that I am cursed! But give me a break! PLEASE!

If you truly think you’ve missed something then you need to submit a support ticket in game.

What we have found is that people are getting the credit for moving to the next level automatically and they don’t realize they have progressed.

What is a support ticket?

Go through the in game support system instructions at this link:

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This was what I was going to say: ^^

Also, someone posted this handy graphic before, to help keep track.

The Forum is peer-to-peer support and discussion only. For direct help from SG, you will need to use the support ticket system (see link in previous post).


I did not get credit for battling 6x’s in last war towards Challenge Quest in War III. It is not a connection issue because my other account on another device connected to same server got the credits. Please fix as I bought VIP for POV!

@Perniciouscomedy4 please check the Roman numeral next to the stage name. What we have found is that often when people think that they are not getting credit it turns out they recieved the credit and moved into the next tier.

If this does not appear to be the case then please refer to the post above in how to submit a support ticket. The forum is community run. The in game support system is run by the developers.


This administration is a real joke! I had issues with not receiving points after challenges! I posted and plead to look into it! I as well paid for the extra rewards! But in return it come out to sorry about your luck! They are a bunch of care less thieves! Good at taking your money and laughing at all!


Can you provide a screenshot showing your Valor Challenge Progress and where your points and Milestone achievement stands?

Can you also tell me if you have completed all Daily Challenges to this point or if you’ve missed any?

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Thanks for responding! Sorry for the harsh words! In answer I have played every day. And completed every day challenge in path to valor! In all honesty I have never missed a day since I started playing this game! Well over a year! And I have tried to send a screenshot shot! But can’t figure out how! I would appreciate if you could look deeper into this matter! I think someone name George brushed me off!

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