Did Noor just find her true purpose... in the Limit Breaker Quest?

Hear me out before rage replying…

I know she’s a niche hero (another word for ‘practically useless’). But… consider the Nature Limit Breaker quest details:

  • All enemies are green (so we want to bring red heroes)
  • Enemies resist any kind of debuff (def down, burn, etc. all out)
  • Enemies have special skills that reflect all Red Special Status Effects & Damage (can’t bring ‘attacker’ specials)
  • Enemy Bosses summon minions with their special.

Now, Noor:

  • Her special does no direct damage to enemies
  • Her special has no debuffs to either reflect or ‘not stick’
  • She’s red, so her tile damage is boosted against all enemies
  • Her elemental link buffs any other reds (e.g., C. Boldtusk), and is valuable: All enemies have specials that deal damage
  • Even though she’s slow speed, the harder quests take a long time, giving her a chance to fire her special several times and pile the minions onto your team
  • Her HOTM ‘special’ will go into play at every boss-special fire, aiding in minion clearing.

In other words, she goes into this limit breaker quest at full power. Am I crazy, or was this limit breaker quest combo made just to prove she’s useful?


This is what I used, and got through like it was nothing :slight_smile:

I even went as far as LB Noor a while back, paired her with Freya……great tandem, use them all the time, finished the maps flawless, also use them for rare quests, etc. They certainly make my gameplay easy. I’d never split that couple though :wink:


It’s not only in those quests for me she has use in towers, challenge events, mythic titan(instakill the minions of titans reducing it’s mana) and farming atlantis maps comboed with Kwasir minions cos i don’t have any other summoner. It’s not as niche :wink:


This is refreshing, so nice to see a thread where we can discuss the niche uses of an underused, often overlooked hero! Keep at it!

I don’t have Noor so nothing to contribute other than some encouragement


Noor is really starting to shine.

only thing: many event enemies activate a special that reflects damage coming from red.

end of the fairytale.

Noor also helped me in the last tower event. I paired her with adohan. I able to pass each stage easy and she only at 3/70. But I will only up her to 4/80 after I use my mats on yangmai, tyr and Marajana.

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She’s great at PvE because the minions can eat away at the enemy. People use her for auto farming.

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I have started using Noor A LOT more recently! As others have stated, mainly auto farming, even levels I have not beat, she still dominates.

I never thought to use her in the green LB quest…going to have to try her on the last level here this morning.

Thanks for the insight!

She had always have that purpose. I and @Homaclese utilize her for that a lot. We put emblem on Noor (and getting ridiculed for it). Anyway, my Noor’s minion’s HP is more than Heimdall’s heal.


Tagging a few other Noor fans, who I’m sure would have lots to share… Me. Not so much :wink:
@Dielaughing1 (aka SDC)


You can take red heroes to the green omega quest. You just need to bring a dispel. I used Melendor. It worked fine.

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I think this was the case for Chameleon also in a green stack. Crit and Attack increase it was just too easy with him

Yes. I absolutely nailed this omega quest thanks to those darling little sparrows. Take that, red reflect! Peck peck peck peck

(Yes, I could have taken a debuffer but it wasn’t nearly as fun when I did)

*Also @LiquidMaple your points are pretty much exactly why I love her. Apart from anything else you don’t have to wait to fire her, she powers up, you fire.


I was thinking about LBing her for the stats boost. What do her sparrows look like, and what damage does each one do?

Noor skill do not attack enemy, so it is safe to bring her as it won’t be reflected. She do not give dispellable buff so nothing can be stolen.

The only hero I genuinely can’t find a use for is Salmon Loki.

Beyond that all the others have a place. The challenge (and the fun!) is finding uses for heroes that are often rejected as “useless”

I’m genuinely considering Noor now for my next red. For both grinding through the various Hard levels of S4 (and beyond) and the upper levels of these missions where I really just want to auto play it.

The Purple Lizard is another hero that has been cast aside that I’m enjoying messing with. And Malicna, a hero that was panned very heavily, is now a mainstay in my mono Purple. She’s literally awesome.

A lot of players will have these heroes and will read the “useless” “niche” “underpowered” and not level them. That saddens me because finding out how to get the best from these is part of the fun of this thing.


I couldn’t agree more.


I literally said this same thing in both alliances. She singlehandedly got me through this omega with ease.


Huh? She was? She’s always been great. I don’t remember the panning.

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