Did my Aegir just reached immortality?


Aegir’s anti-doping test result: POSITIVE!!!


Impressive for sure!

Sadly, it takes all those added specials to make Aegir relevant. And that’s for only a few turns.


The hero he was supposed to protect…dead


This battle I finnishes before he even lost one of the buffs. ^^

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I don’t tho I the fire :fire: counts. That hurts him. :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

Due his buff-ascension his actions cause friction on such scale he just igntes his frozen body.

OR his enemy put him on fire. Not sure…

With his health and rampage calling him “on fire” probably isn’t much wrong after all. :sweat_smile:

Is this the update for him?

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he has always been easy to stack buffs with aegoe people just to busy looking for the next grave or guin and don’t understand stacking skills beats all

It took 2 better healers and a better defense buffer to make him considered viable and still the hero aegir healed the most and was supposed to keep alive is dead. It’s not about guin or grave. It’s about a flawed special skill that even compared to non hotm is pretty weak. A 4* wilbur would have been more viable in that lineup or any attacking lineup over a 5* aegir. Just like any guaranteed HoT or regluar healer is more reliable as well.

If a player has to stack that many buffs hoping to make that 1 hero in his lineup at least a little better, I’d say he’s better off removing that hero.

With all that being said, i think the true point of the OP was seeing how many stackable buffs he could have active at 1 time. He has 11 unless i miscounted, 12 is the most I’ve seen.


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