Did Mr Spock leave the game?

I thoroughly enjoyed your reviews.

Maybe ill take stab at it

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Well I started the game more than 6 years ago as ftp and still like it.
Since I dont know how you define causally competitive I have to say that today I am still hanging around in diamond league between 2.4k and 2,8 k cups and yes my sucess in war defenitely has diminished.
So although most of the points you made are true I still have a win% in raids of 70-80% almost always hiting up with mono teams but choosing opponents carefully so they are a good fit for my non op attack teams.
Especially my little purple pain machine ( Sabina, Alfrike, Ludwig, Rigard, PROTEUS ) is quite sucessfull against passive non purple tanks.
As you can see, from my point of view skill, synergy and counters are still important although I understand that the higher you get the more the more the game becomes a gamble.

Have a nice day to. :+1: :slight_smile:


I have shared Lion Roar’s newbie playlist countless times to new players as reference on this forum and elsewhere…

I am sure he has brought in and also helped keep many players in E&P. Humble and cool chap.

Others are mostly blah… and have been useful now & then, when I don’t see them using fan boy / girl lens… :wink:

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Very interesting read this. Thanks to @Spice for the mention and @Limey I know you are subbed to my channel https://youtube.com/@mcnaultyyt?si=L6Pt52t4bQ6sao9k

Also it is very interesting to read the level of seeming resentment where youtube creators are concerned.

Earning money on youtube especially from a smal match 3 gatcha is hard. I know @dansing will relate but took me about 1 year of making videos on every single hero released to get to 1000 subs and to start being able to earn. Im now at 2300 subs and I can assure you the earnings are not mind-boggling

Ill be 1000% honest you’re possibly looking at about £100-£150 per month from ads if your videos are quality and this will be based on a good amount of views (1k plus) per upload and good watch time on 4 to 5 videos a week.

Content creators are able to charge for memberships on the channel and members can get acces to exclusive perks. I have memberships on my channel too which includes things like shoutouts in videos and 1 to 1 chats, help with hero prioritisation war teams etc. But the main reason people would become a member is that they want to support the creator and appreciate their content.

So hopefully that gives some context to this conversation. I wouldn’t slate any other content creator as many have said they contribute hugely to the community and help the game reach more people. Unfortunately Zynga are not goid to their CCs where some other games are, but thats a conversation for another day.

Love u all :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: PS. Share it with ur mother ;?)