Did mercing/Titan loot rules change again?

I don’t think I missed an update, but several of us in XXIV C just got reduced loot on a regular (not rare) 14* Titan and we were all back in the alliance 5-8 hours before the spawn of this titan. Thoughts?

It might have something to do with the speed you killed your 14* titan. If a player received another titan kill reward within 20 hours, his loot would be reduced. I learned that the hard way myself, but didn’t screenshot the loot description.

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Hmmm… I thought that was only on Rares?!

2 Scenarios result in reduced loot:

  1. You joined the alliance AFTER the titan spwaned
  2. It has been <20 hours since you recieved your last non-reduced (full) titan loot.

Note that both are only triggered when you leave your alliance & join another one.

When you get reduced Loot, there are three things affected:

  1. You don’t get Titan Parts
  2. You don’t get the Rare Titan Rolls (Bonus Item, Emblems or Valhalla Coins)
  3. You get a reduced Loot Tier (not 100% sure on the formula for this)
  • Guessing it is: Loot Tier = (Normal Tier) / 2 rounded up.
  • In your case, A+ loot would be Tier 14 (on 11* titan)
  • So Reduced Tier = 14 / 2 = 7 (VII)

You can read more here:

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On rares the time frame is much wider, I remember someone mentioning 14 days.