Did I only notice it?

For a long time I have been trying to understand why there are users who at any hero call, get 5 stars and multiple times on multiple calls, the hero of the month also for every call! I continue to report this anomaly and I would like to know if the statistics have value only for those who pay less! I sent you photos after photos as proof of what I say !!! From the support they keep saying that everything is fine !!! LIARS! You are absolute liars! They keep answering me with ready-made sentences by copying and pasting! You are also offensive to my intelligence !! I have not been able to progress in the game for over a year !! What do you want more money? Who is favored? Who pays the most?

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Some people get luckier than others. There is no rhyme nor reason to it. It just happens this way.

Doesn’t make them liars though. Some people beat the odds, some get beaten by them…



when players share results, they don’t necessarily share the whole picture. most people share their successful results and not the failed ones.

when someone shares a pic of a cobalt in a single pull, you will normally assume that person did very few pulls but could have done 100+


Because they only call out when they get something nice. The 500 other summons you never see.

That’s sad, you have my compassion. There are a few ways. You can quit and forget the game, you can go on and either live with no progress or rant about it or you can spend more and hope for more without any guarantee.

To answer on Sgs behalf, probably yes.

I don’t know. Probably nobody…

I also don’t know, but there are a few candidates paying a lot, but there are probably also a lot paying extreme amounts you have never heard of or seen in the game or forum.

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Trust me, I posted photos of instant real results !!

You are definitely not alone. There are other threads on this topic.

If you are this upset, I suggest that you walk away from this game for awhile. Calm down. Think through what you are doing, what you are spending.

At the end of the day, your spending only gets you pixels. You don’t even own those pixels yah.

When you are sure that you want to continue, then go ahead. The summons odds are publicised. There are a few threads on that as well.

You either get lucky or not. If this upsets you, don’t play these type of games. They are not called Gacha games for nothing.

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I see that there are many servants of the masters! I see that you have been brainwashed well and you do not see the obviousness that we have before our eyes! It is useless, not even with this forum I will solve anything !!!

I see that there are many servants of the masters!

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Yes oh big master Sg, please guide me…

To be honest I don’t really get what you want?
I’m f2p, so I live with the expectation that the game will give me absolutely nothing…

You got some answers about some of your questions, you got some tips how you could reduce frustration.

If you think everybody is a liar or what else, there won’t be anyone capable of helping you here…


257 / 5000

Risultati della traduzione

Since your SG master leads you, then, let’s see your set of heroes? We bet you have crazy heroes! And after two and a half years I’m still stuck at the pole !! So, before talking about being a know-it-all and witty, take a good look at what you have !!!

Yes I have? So what, doesn’t change a thing about what I said…

Good luck in your future, stranger on the internet, good bye

We already have an extensive thread to discuss this:

And it’s entirely possible to have a polite conversation about disappointing results without making accusations about anyone who disagrees.

Stay civil or get suspended.