Did I miss something?

So, anybody feeling like the amount of luck needed to win raids lately increased???

Is it only because of the different formations? Or didn’t I notice that the way the defense teams work got changed???

I mean, also talking with experienced members of my alley, lately we have the feeling the defense teams really know whom they have to kill first, and they do combo attacks on the same hero…

Maybe It’s just us, but seriously my average got from 20-25 enemies killed in 6 raids to a fix 16…



20 charssssss


I don’t know the answer to your questions, but this is something I’ve noticed - very often it is the most important hero I have. Like Rigard waiting to clean Bera’s ailments (not only poison, but also to allow me to activate Noor) - sniper, slash 1, slash 2 - he’s down. :joy:
Also Proteus and few more… Is AI becoming smarter? Or is it some sort of bias that you notice these things better then when AI does stupid things? Hard to tell.


Not just you bud iv seen massive change since the formations it’s alot tougher

Not to mention there are an increasing number of powerful heroes with unusual mechanics that need a bit of extra planning to counter.

Sif is key now to some set ups she’s a nightmare

Yeah, that. I would truly love to have Sif. Mostly it’s reckoned the double formations are less effective than reverse V, but Sif is one of those that makes double a pain in the wossname.

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Agreed bud. iv got sif so Iv done the double formation and it’s keeping me in between 2600 /2700 trophys lots hav fallen to it. But on the other hand I’m struggling to take out double with sif in or reverse I can’t seem to find away to get to top in global anymore I got to about 2800+ then crumble lol.

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Dispellers are key. I use c melendor in almost every raid for this purpose. C Sabina is also very good

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Formations with Sif are horrible… can’t charge my proteus fast enough to take her down. Then I am having a lot of struggle with reverse formation, i just can’t win against them.

Plus AI got a lot lot smarter. Sniping off my healers, finishing heroes that are barely alive waiting for heals, targeting key heroes…

I am wining more on defense than on offense xd


Yeah it’s because we are not the only ones struggling witch is nice but 100% reverse is an ■■■ lol.

I’ll try use sechet on sif

My observations back this up… which may or may not be accurate. If it is the case then I have no issue with it whatsoever… in fact I welcome an even higher level of AI replacing the 20% bonus to defense. I think that will give a more interesting and challenging experience.

I rarely go mono these days - with 2 or 3 colours with mana control and dispel options I can usually string enough tiles together to counter the biggest threat at any given point. Sif is not a threat until you need to hit big, so I am OK to dump tiles to build up my dispel option is ready. Alternatively I am happy to charge Grimble into a 5-Sif defence - he will kill all the minions and charge up my dispeller to pave the way for my other hitters. All without dying thanks to his relatively weak post-minion hit. That low attack/high defense is kind of perfect for it…

I did struggle a lot initially with formations until I found I can handle some much better than others. I win a high percentage these days because I take great care in focusing my tiles on those heroes that are the least threat to me (e.g. Freya/Bera, Garnet, Sif, Krampus) in order to build up my heals, hits or dispels depending on the situation. With reverse it is difficult to focus your attacks and you often get a few enemies charging at roughly the same time, and with some of the big hitting heroes you only need to get hit by 2 specials to call it a day.

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C.Sabina is better. In formattions she is better than C.Rigard, for me at least.

Better than who… C Mel?

I really like C Sabina, especially the fact that you can use her preemptively. That makes her the most effective counter for C Kad.

However I tend to use C Mel more because of his defense up, which greatly boosts the team’s survivability and counters a Frigg attack

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Happy cake day @Babajaba
Now you will be lectured by someone who does not play with your roster.

I agree the enemy targets healers and heroes with most mana.

But… I always thought Joon did this. He was such a bully on defense. Even 2 years ago :joy:

Another possibility is that formations are causing the enemy to charge differently.
You are used to tanks charging quickly.
And having time to work boards on 4 other enemy (flanks and wings).

Now you have to adjust strategies for say… reverse.
Where all enemies charge almost equally. The barrage of skills at a faster pace comes across as harsh.
Or smarter.

I have made adjustments for double formations and none of those enemies seem very smart to me.

than many 4* costumed healers, noted C.Mel and C.Rig. But I use Krampus with her together, so, taunt counters many negative effects.

I don’t have any taunters… many strategies change with the availability of a taunter.

For me each of C Kiril, C Sabina, C Mel and C Rig have a useful place. They are all well designed tools that are extremely well fit for a specific purpose, and pretty good but not the best outside of that purpose

Formations really force to change your game a bit, I guess people are not very used to it yet.

Stacking against tank was the successful strategy that we used for a long time for the best win ratio, long enough probably to forget what the win ratio used to be before it.

Now it’s no longer the most successful strategy, at least not the same as it used to be, but we’re still getting used to it, and still figuring out what the new strategies should be, what kind of heroes we should work on etc.

It’s a bit of a gamechanger, but I like it, it was long time due to introduce a drastic change like that to the game mechanic to refresh it a bit. Natural reaction is being annoyed by losing more often, but overall I think changes like that are necessary to keep the game alive and I hope for more to come.

*I personally went back to raiding rainbow only and I am having a great time using heroes I never thought I would use before. And finally thinking about whom to pick for each match and how to compose a team matters more than just taking all my maxed&emblemmed legendary red heroes against green center regardless of anything else. It was effective but boring like hell, and super prone to bad board frustration.


For me each of C Kiril, C Sabina, C Mel and C Rig have a useful place.

I do not use C.Kiril even without Krampus, because I have Vela and C.Magni. For heal - Raffaelle or normal Kiril.

Other three - agree.