Did I mess up?

So I was pretty excited when I got Quintus

a) he’s a 5* hero
b) didn’t have any 5* purple heroes before

So I decided to take him into the Teltoc event. I just completed epic and just started legendary (two stages in). Last round is Guardian Jackal and 2 other yellow enemies and Quintus’ special barely phased them. Is he just not very good?

I understand I don’t have him close to all the way but my goodness is it wrong I kinda expected more?

Specials aren’t strong or weak based on color. The only thing they care about is the Attack stat of the attacker, the Defense stat of the defender, and buffs and debuffs.

If you apply an elemental debuff of the right color, then the special will do more damage to the debuffed heroes. So hitting someone with Guardian Panther and then hitting them with Quintus would do a lot more damage. But otherwise, it hits every color the same way.

Quintus is not the strongest hero, but his attack does a fair amount of damage when he is maxed. He tends to rank in the lower 25% of purple 5* heroes because he is slow, and because his attack is decent but not crushing. If his attack applied a secondary effect, like a debuff, it would be significantly better.


My Ursena also did minor damage, especially if the bosses activated their def up buff on the harder stages. Her damage is almost comparable to Quintus and she even is maxed with emblems.

Watch my clip if you like. Sometimes she only did about 60 to the bosses.


The challenge bosses in legendary are pretty beefy, and I find it’s a time consuming fight even with max level 5* heroes and heavily emblemed 4*.

I think your problem is that Quintus is too low level to pack much of a punch, let alone without buffs/debuffs. He’s not even 3/70 which is known to be generally weaker than a 4* at 4/70 statwise.

I mean he only had 528 attack where he’s at now. That’s the same as a max level Ulmer, a 3* hero.


That all makes sense now that I think about it, I can’t hardly believe Ursena was doing less than 100 damage on some of those hits. That’s crazy

Ursena deals little damage to enemy with 50% or less hp remaining.

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