Did I make emblem mistakes or not?

I came across this post:

and I realised I may have been using my emblems wrong. I never really paid much attention to it. I just levelled them from the right side with all of my heroes.

Did I mess up here?

There’s not really a right or wrong way – you should do what you want to do.

In some cases, it does make more sense to go one path versus another; Elena, for example, to maximize her counterattack, one should go heart versus shield.

Note, also, that there is no “pure” sword path, at some nodes in the emblem tree, sword is not an option.

For what it is worth, I think the attack path is generally a good idea.

Long way of saying, you haven’t done it wrong.

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Thanks, I wondering that because in the case of Wilbur I put all the emblems to the left.

I’m going to be honest ( my opinion off course ), yes you messed up the emblems.

Heroes that don’t attack or do damage with their special should always go the defensive and health route. Attack doesn’t benefit them nearly as much as defense and health.

So heroes like Wilbur or Wu Kong who just do buffs without dishing out damage, should always be emblemmed to be me sturdy!


Oh dear. Can I take emblems back?

Dont worry too much about it. You can get them back with reset tokens! If you complete the final level of trials you will occasionally get one.

Dont feel pressure though, going attack instead of defense doesn’t make Wilbur worse than unemblemmed. It’s just not optimal.


I wouldn’t fret about it too much. I went all defense route on mine and there is only one path I went right. You’re only losing out 18 points of defense. A reset costs you all the food you used to add the emblems, which is quite a penalty to start over for 18 points. Also, going left there added 36 health instead of the 18 defense so still a defensive improvement.

I’d just leave him as is.


Yeah, I will pay more attention with emblems next time I give them to a hero.

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…that would be the best approach to it. I reset a couple for the same reason, in my case…it was due to costume.

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I would add that in case of some offensive heroes def+HP is better than attack. If i wanted to emblem Almur i would go with def+HP on him because i would use him for the elemental def down and not his attack dmg. So i would want to keep him alive as long as possible. You have to decide a hero’s role before you use your emblems.

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To be honest there’s reasons to go either way.
With Wilbur being a 4* I’m not sure that you’re going up against
Telluria tanks a lot with him.
But if you are and considering how important it is to kill Telluria
with tiles before her special activates then maximising the attack path
is probably more desirable.
In other situations his survivability might be more desirable.

I use Wilbur for titans and to finish Atlantis normal. Telluria I have killed without Wilbur on the rare times I do raid.

Imo, plotting attacking route for Wilbur would still be less optimal, at max with lvl 20 emblems, max Att would be 698 that is sub 700…and at the detriment of boosting his def /HP, whereas if def/HP route is taken his durability would be improved even comparable to some 5* with no emblem, And at that, once he fires his specials, he will be in league with any 5* until dispelled.

I have another question regarding Wilbur. Is it worth to go all way down to the 20th node? I’m not planning to use a mana troop on him soon (I have a few 4* mana troops, but they’re level 1).

This may be of use to help you summarise.

If you emblem to +20, you will get the 4% mana boost.
If you put a level 11 mana troop with him at +20, you will charge with 9 tiles instead of 10.

If you don’t go to +20, you will need a level 23 mana troop to get down to 9 tiles.

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To be honest using Wilbur against Telly tanks is not ideal anyway.
The OP had already gone the attack path in emblems so I was just trying
to pick a positive for him.

I’ve started giving emblems to Grazul and I’m going the attack path like I did with
Zim and Natalya.

I wil keep that in mind next time. I am reluctant to reset the emblems on him now.

The OP said she went all left with Wilbur which is mostly defense anyway.

You could equally have something like 653 /782/ 1323…
All options available depending on routes

She said from the right side and the right side has a lot of swords

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