Did I get stuck in two wars?

I got stuck in two war I went out to help with the titan and I’m at war in two alliances can you help me?

I guess you are in spectator mode in both wars, right?

Where I’m now I can do the war

Wow. This needs the expertise of @Rigs @Guvnor @Olmor @Dudeious.Maximus @FrenziedEye @Ian487 @Petri @yelnats_24


I ask to be erased from a war if possible thank you

Can you provide the screenshot?

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I recall this thread from a little while ago!


But that will show them in the alliance there in at the moment. will Have to get the other war pic aswell

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Can you get screenshots showing your presence on BOTH battlefields?

Would be good to see those two screenshots.


A great idea, screen shots please.

I’m having trouble believing this is possible?! :confounded:

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I just checked in an ex-member’s rite thank you

Perhaps if you’ve resolved the non-issue, you can tag a moderator to close this thread for you?

Interesting glitch, a freak occurence I presume… anyway, I don’t think it will affect your performance in any way. Guess you’ll only be able to fight for one alliance, but it might be a problem for the other one (your being on the battlefield as an ex-member…)
Would you give us the heads-up as for how this goes down?

Maybe he joined the other alliance during matchmaking and the calculations are done one by one and for that reason he got calculated in for both.

Screenies wouldn’t help, since one could have been made earlier. Imo a dev has to investigate here.

@Petri @mhalttu one for you?

@Streghettalis would you provide both alliance names and your ingame nick?

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