Did i do something wrong?

I was convinced that working on 3 stars heroes was the best way to advance at the begining. At that lvl i believed it that i started to max every good 3 star the game gave me. I’m level 28 and today i have at least 20 maxed 3 stars.

Azar + costume
Hawkmoon + costume



Gunnar + costume

Renfeld + costume

I ask this because i found a guy on YouTube telling people that the strategy i followed is not the right one, i assume theres no just one strategy to follow, however he said that You don’t need 3 stars to get to the next level of the game (4 stars heroes or at least one rainbow team of them).
I ask to this person so, how do you get the mats to max epics without a good bunch of maxed 3 stars first? Why do you consider that investing in these heroes first instead of focusing in a rainbow of epics is a drawback and just push the player back?

This is written with honesty, i just find to get better and as i found your opinion such far away from the general opinion on forums i ask you ratboy why you discOurage maxing 3 stars to early-mid players in your videos

You probably will need at least 2 3* maxed in every color for tournaments and events… after that I’d goto building a similiar set in 4*. I have like 5-7 maxed in every color, I would say that is because of my level but it is not. It is more because of my spend and I leveled what I had avaliable as my best choice at the time.

Having a 3* base is good and will serve you over the long term from event completion / ranking rewards and tournament rewards.

At least 4 3* heroes are usable in very high level content like mythic titan or 14* titans. Melia was used on this mythic for example. Nordi and costume brienne are also very capable vs titans at higher levels. In rush wars I see gramps on the wing sometimes, not in a small alliances either talking top 200 range.


That was i believed. But this guy advises to build a 4 rainbow team first and keep some 3 stars partially leveled . He said that those are who you use to build the rainbow 4 team. He said also that investing in too many 3 at the begining just makes you waste some time

Yeah after maxing 10 I would focus on 4* after that… assuming you have the 4* to level, early in the game there was lots of waiting for me to get new 4* because I relied heavily on training camps.

If you already maxed more that is fine, they are still useful in tournaments and events long term. Short term you need them for war as well.


I don’t think there is really a “right” or “wrong” as long as you are enjoying the game. I’m level 73, playing for a couple years now. Here is my three star roster:

I didn’t really start playing with a specific plan or anything. I leveled the ones I enjoy playing with. Still use many of them for tournaments and challenge events, so I certainly don’t regret it. My leveling advice to newer players is not to get stuck on wanting to max 5 stars early on- work on getting a solid set of 5-10 maxed four stars before tackling 5’s. That’s simply due to the time and material cost of maxing a 5. You need the four star teams to be able to compete to get the materials to max the 5’s. I still use certain four stars for everything including wars, events, tournaments, MT, etc. Costume Boldtusk, Costume Rigard, Gulli, Jackal, Mist, Proteus and Costume Sabina are mainstays. Besides that, the rare materials for 5’s mean that you won’t be able to max them all. You will want to be picky and invest in the ones that will contribute to your play style, that make the game fun for you. Don’t max just cause someone else said so. I will take most 5 stars to 3-70, play with them for a while and then decide if they are worth the mats.

In case you’re curious, here is the rest of my roster


I agree with @VeryQuietly. I am closer to your level and have been playing almost a year. I ignored my 3 & 4*'s as soon as my 5s came along and have regretted it since. I didn’t build a strong base and it has held me back in events and tournaments. To this day I have not been able to finish an epic challenge to competition. When I realized that I needed a more versatile roster to complete challenges to get loot (assention materials) then I started concentrating on my base.
Here is my 3
roster finally.


I started with my 3* and then leap frogged to 5* except for certain key 4* (healers). Mistake!!!

I got bottle-necked after awhile. Seriously bottlenecked for AM n emblems.

I then held back on 5* and refocused on 4* cos I needed at least 6 decent teams. And 4* are more versatile for war.

You are on the right track, to me. Slow n steady. Gives you time to amass the 4AM that you will need for your 5* when you receive them.

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I will add that when I started 3* we’re LESS important when I started than now.

There were no tournaments.

Rare completetion of events didn’t give a rare ascension mat either.

Now with both of those added and how quick it is to level 3* I would do a minimum of 10 (2 per color) but more is always helpful. No did 3* cause it was what I had not because of their usefulness at that point in time… they did turn out to be useful when tournaments were added and events changes to 15 stages adding the rare mat for completing.

I did a shiny 5* mistake like most people and got Anzogh to 3-70… probably lost a 3* mat I needed at the time doing him over boldtusk.

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You have an amazing roster guys @VeryQuietly and @L33tVortex12596

I spent the first 2 month of playing maxing my 3 star heroes. Right now im focusing on some 4 heroes, while i still keep working on top 3 stars i receive like bertulf or maeve(i maxed them as soon i got them).

However my epic heroes grow much slower than my 3 stars. I just have 2 maxed epics and im just ascending the third one. Compasses, sadly have been a stop for me. I rarely get them.


The advantage of rares is that you can level them in no time with easily farmable mats; there’s no point trying to level a bunch of 4* before you have enough compasses, gloves etc, though to be fair many of them are quite usable at 3.60 (my raid tank was 3.60 Boril for the longest time). What’s more, you can tackle even legendary stages with rares, but you can’t do any rare events with legendaries!

I’d say you’ve done a nice collection of decent 3* and it’s definitely time to mix in the 4*. Presumably you’ve now collected enough ascension materials to max a few. I don’t believe you’ve wasted your time by levelling the heroes you have (proved by the success you had recently), but it would probably be something of a waste to keep your focus at that level. Seems it’s time to move onwards and upwards.


And you’ve just found out why working on 3 stars to start is best. Besides tournaments, and rare challenges, you’ll find that fully ascended 3 stars probably work just as well as partially ascended 4 stars in wars. Particularly for war depth. If you jumped to 4 stars, you would have spent a lot of time on 4 star heroes and not have any war depth, nor complete rare challenges/tournaments. Once the ascension materials start coming in, then you’ll find it easier to get your 4 and 5 stars going.

I still wonder why that youtuber was saying such thing. He usually has a controversial opinion(like saying that Bertulf is bad) but it was too much. And hes not the first person who i heard say that. Some people in game chat usually dont spend too much time focusing on 3 stars. When you say you are still working on them they just tell you that you should focus on something better.

You are right that there is not a “wrong” way to proceed, but three-stars level quickly and take no rare materials, so leveling them is a very low-risk proposition. And there are still some areas of the game where you can only use three-stars (some tournaments, events, etc.), so you never totally outgrow them. I’m also a big believer that every hero has a niche, so I will level one of anybody, waiting for just the right time to let them shine.

There are some key S1 four-stars that you will likely use from now on - Melendor, Kiril, Boldtusk, Rigard, Sabina, et al. (The legendary healers are less well-regarded or harder to pull.) If you have the mats and want to work on those, they’ll be good investments. Other heroes do have a shelf life - Kasshrek and Boril are two that come to mind. They can be great for a while, but eventually you outgrow them. In those cases, you might be better working on three-stars and waiting for better fours to come along. There are also some game-changers in later seasons that you’ll want to make sure you have mats for. Proteus is kind of the poster boy, but there are others. Better to “waste” time with some three-stars than spend trap tools on Cyprian and then draw Proteus, for example.

This game is a slog for almost everyone. In the grand scheme of things, maxing a three-star isn’t a huge investment, and it’s one that can still pay off down the road. You’re good. Keep asking questions.


I think, there has to be a balance. You start with 3* heroes as they are easier to obtain and cheaper to max. However, you definitely need higher starred heroes to progress in the game. There are (or there were) many discussions on this forum about having 4* at 3/70 vs having 3* maxed.
It also depends on how many heroes you can summon. As a c2p player I had Training Camp as a main source of higher heroes, so I didn’t have many options. I maxed all available 4* heroes to 3/70 as soon as I got them from TC and used them until I got enough materials to max them finally.

in terms of moving forward, I think you have enough leveled 3*s now (except maybe for Reds, as you only have 2 - unless you have 2 of Azar?)

there is a point when it makes sense to move from 3* to 4*, and I think you have reached that point.

though I agree you’ve done t he right thing up to now, building a nice base of 3s before proceeding. it’s just that after some point, even the map stages and quests become tough without some 4s.

I guess part of it is also, which 3s and which 4s do you have. some key 4*s would be worth building up sooner rather than later :slight_smile:

I leveled two azar(i really like her costume version, i use them on tournaments) :laughing: but i have a maxed Boldtusk too and a partially leveled Gormek to reinforce red stacks. BT was my first maxed epic hero. I have the following epics.


In process:

Frank 3.60
Griffin 3.30 (leveling)
Gormek 3.22 (leveling)

Sadly i can level just one more and then i run out of compasses. They were so scarse for me. On the other hand i got plenty fine gloves.


Youtuber’s opinions are just that, opinions. While you may find some information useful, you shouldn’t take their word as sacrament.

Way back events didn’t even require 3* heroes, they were just labeled Beginner, Intermediate and Difficult so everyone would use their best, most leveled heroes and feed off any 3s. Then this changed and everyone higher was scrambling to get 3s to compete in the lowest tier.

Having a good 3* base at the beginning is required nowadays. It would be interesting to see different maximum star levels be introduced into wars just like in Tourneys.


Some players had the assumption that 3* heroes are useless. Don’t know what youtuber this was, but many players chase the 5* heroes and forget about the others. Maybe they spend a lot to do that and can afford the ascension materials.
At any case, with the Alliance Quest which is locked by points, you need 3* heroes to unlock the epic, and then the epic to unlock the legendaries. So those with just 5* heroes will have to sit around and hope that others in their alliance unlock the other levels.

Oh you should limit break Bertulf and Nordi from that list IMO. You can use them VS Titans for a looooong time and bertulf will be better than Wu cause no miss.


It was a spanish youtuber, i dont think i can share the link here? anyways. I think he reads the forum so if he makes to find this thread its just nothing personal just understand please the value of 3 star heroes because many new players could see the video and understimate them.