Did blind break for titans with today's update?


I just attacked today’s titan three times after updating. I used arrows many times but from what I saw, every titan attack still hit. This is highly unusual.

Hu Tao’s ability also seemed to have no effect on the titan’s accuracy.


I think Blind works better with low star titans. I don’t even use arrows anymore with 9* and 10* titans because they never miss so I bring in axes and turtle banners to decrease damage instead.


I usually use axes but was out so did arrows. They were no help. There might be an issue.


They were missing with both 1.5 and the most recent patch against 10*'s.

RNG issues, arrows still do work for me anyway. Do recall explicitly a bunch of the Onyx’s special missing my heroes.

Almost have to record because there’s really no time to be looking for misses when chasing titan score unfortunately and occasionally the titan pounds my team into mush in ~10 turns even with arrows. Has happened before, will happen again, but that’s not the typical case for my using arrows.