Did Alberich's chance to respawn and Wu Kong's chance to miss drastically change lately?

I recently noticed that Alberich doesn’t respawn any of my heros anymore. At all. I realize it’s a chance to respawn teammate, but he use to respawn my fallen heros at a decent interval. I also noticed that when he’s on opposing team he respawns one or two of his teammates every time his special goes off. I wasn’t going to say anything but recently quite a few people in my alliance noticed the same thing. My alliance members also noticed a recent change with Wu Kong. His miss rate seems way higher lately when he’s on friendly team but never causes a miss when on opposing team. Has anyone else noticed this lately or is this happening just in my alliance?

I have the same problem with Wu. He made a lot of miss somethimes the rate is almost 60-70%. Against titans after 10* is worst…stunn almost impossible and if you destroy a diamond everything is going into miss…

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Wu misses are on average 2 out of 3.
Everybody love him, why?
I’m not and never will be a fan of his, or Ranvir.
Have fun.

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Yes i noticed and it just keeps getting worse every single update!


I find Wu performs exactly as advertised. Hits 68%, and misses 32%.

Sure, on any given gem match, or any given raid/war/titan flag, the results can vary widely. But I’ve seen him hit nearly 100% and I’ve seen him miss about 75%. It all averages out to the advertised values, in my experience.

Can’t speak to Alby. Don’t have him. Wish I did.

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No, no they did not. Random numbers are random

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