Did Alberich, Toxicandra , Gramps all get the mana generate toned down? (solved V41)

I am almost sure, my eyes didnt lie me multiple occasions!

I believe all those heroes were generating moderate mana each turn for team and now they generate small amout of mana.

Is it just my demented mind? :slight_smile:


You are right, just look at old screenshots from Google - they used to generate moderate.

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It’s not you… The description has changed. The question is if the special has been changed as well?

February 2021


Unannounced nerf???

This has happened quite some time ago:



I think it was a typo at first place it’s always been small. Based on moderate on Fenrir which gives like 25% mana.

Problem solved - Oh happy life :grin:


Are you sure it solved?
It still written as small of mana, and it is not consistent,… it should be rewrite with different text/desc, like before as moderated, not small.

The text description should be change.

Bug Thread is closed and mark as solved:
Toxicandra got nerfed? (Bugs: Description on skill written inconsistent)

I confused with what @Petri have said:

this is only an adjustment to the description text to make it consistent.

Different result should display a different text, I guess.

SMALL and MODERATE, it is two different functional.


Petri meant that SGG corrected the description : should be Small. Not Moderate. No change to special.

Fenrir is still Moderate & Small.

OK, so there are no Moderated mana anymore, only Fenrir has a description written Moderated.
The others, it is hidden in our memory if there is a litte or medium mana.
So, this means, it will be like Increased damage against elements.

Guide “Increased damage against elements - how much? by Vikingblood80

Sample of little mana: Malicna, and other HOTM link bonus, and Fenrir small mana.
Sample of medium: Toxicandra, Alby, and Fenrir Moderated Mana.

I don’t have Fenrir so I can’t comment on the difference between Small and Moderate mana. There’s a post :point_up:On Fenrir’s Moderate mana.

I can only assure that I have not noticed any significant differences in the Mana gain special for Toxic. I use her a lot.

If there was a “silent nerf”, it would have been noticed by now. Many active players would have noticed the “silent nerf” by now.

So it’s as Petri responded : just a change in term. From Moderate to Small. This means that Fenrir’s moderate mana gain should be significantly more than small yah. What’s the difference? I don’t know.

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no, that’s why i said it is like Increased damage against elements . How much we should remember it with write on our notes.

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And as per the release notes for Version 41, the description is reverting back to moderate for Toxi and Alby. :rofl:


I saw that. Woo hoo 20 cheers

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So Gramps remains nerfed. :sweat_smile:

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They fixed this issue for toxi and alb in the new release

Ah I knew it… it was just in my mind, it was always moderate mana gain ! Guess im getting older, but not wiser :smiley:

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