Did addition of class tokens lower chances of other items?

I don’t want to gripe about item scarcity, but it does seem like since the addition of tokens, I’ve seen less of other items. Not just ascension items, but other chest items like flag refills and loot tickets.

Is it like with the Atlantis Summons? More heroes added so the chance of you getting what you want is less? Do we now have 11 extra items to compete with our possible chest loot (including reset tokens)?

If so, this has to be changed. Some items were scarce enough.


I don’t know if anyone has done a detailed study of chest loot slots in v18, although we probably have enough screenshots in the Emblem Drop Tracking thread to take a stab at it. There appears to have been at least some investigation of the question, though:

Based on Kerridoc’s comment, I haven’t been fretting too much about it.

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It seems clear that the emblems are in a new, additional “loot slot” and haven’t changed the drop rate of other items.


See also:

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