DId a 10x Jersey Shore summon and got

The horsie…gafaar and jabaar. (the two 4* purples)

Was honestly only hoping for the HOTM and not the green 5* event hero.

And I’m honestly happy with the pull. (didn’t fist pump, or beat up the beat…but it wasn’t bad)

Not sure what I’m gonna do with them since I already have aeron, thoth, sartana…and all the other 4 star purples…but they do kinds look handy.

Which should I level and should i take one to 70 is the question
And could the horsie be the big 3 star event hitter like the rabbit?

His tile damage is impressive, it’ll be good for events.

Gafar could be good for raids and even where the healer is also the tank (bye Kashhrek).
Jabbar will be a mid level War’s tank superstar.

They are worthy. Not at the point of replacing 5* heroes but they are worthy.

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