DiamondS ... GONE!

Hi this is @TrIxTeR and on top of my brand new level 5 Forge just disappearing and it has not been retrieved yet I just bought a couple battle items which then resulted in me only having about 450 diamonds remaining now I just signed back on and I think I have 20 or something something is going on and I really hope these situations can be rectified because I spend good money on this game as does my wife and we love it we are a leader of our alliance and I don’t want any complications like this obviously you can reach me at or contact me via email and I can give you my telephone number if you need to talk human-to-human I would like to have the situation resolved both of them and continue playing my game thank you I look forward to your prompt respond

If you send a support ticket via the game you have a much higher chance of receiving the help you need. Did so myself three days ago and received an answer via email three hours later. Good luck, I hope everything gets sorted quickly.

I thought this was the only way to do it. A woman named Rebecca was helping me out before I just don’t understand I spent over $55 in Google Play cards yesterday for my wife and I are account and I got everything going strong hold up the 20 I built a training camp a forge a farm and a food storage and like I said I just made an earlier today before I went to work had an early day got out and when I signed on the forge the level 5 floor dry built and upgraded is no longer there it is just the ruins where I could put another building period on top of that I spent some diamonds on Battle items but it left me with 450 Ruby’s or diamonds whatever you call them and I am down to about 11 or 20 tops I don’t understand it hoping it is just a glitch I will be home in about 5 minutes and I’m going to turn my game on and just pray that it all corrected itself. Because this time around I certainly did absolutely nothing wrong so I hope somebody can help me or somebody can point me in the direction in which I put this kind of reporting bug in somebody’s there thank you


I am sure I am lost now, your SH is lv20
But you have built (A) forg/training camp/farm/food storage?
A = 1 right?
So how in the world you could even reach SH20!
Even with 55$ you can’t speed up your SH progress unless I miss understood you totally!

money withdrawn. but the awards are not transferred

Sometimes it takes a moment for the awards to be transfered. Try closing and opening the game again. If it haven’t fixed itself after a little while i would suggest sendind a support ticket via the in game option.

I was explaining that I just recently upgraded my stronghold to level 20 which then opened up four more spots of land in my castle where I built for new buildings one of them being a crafting Forge. I have upgraded that crafting Forge to level five and as of yesterday afternoon it disappeared and I can’t even build a new one on top of that old ground or it shuts down Empires. Something is very screwy and I just need it fixed that’s all

I should have read it before I posted it, I explained again down further. I just got the last patch of land in my castle after my SH was upgraded to level 20 I then opened four new buildings , one of them being a crafting Forge, I then upgraded that Forge to level five and it was there and functional yesterday morning but yesterday afternoon when returning from work I turn the game on and that crafting Forge is missing and they will not let me build anything else on that patch of land or it shuts down my Empires and I have to wait for it to reload.

Just show screenshot pls;)

And when u click on build the game crashes? Did u send a ticket ingame already?

Edit: btw this screenshot is old…

I did. I’m guessing probably because today is Sunday maybe they can straighten it out tomorrow? It just really stinks because I am upgrading my other one so I am only working with two of them right now

You can only build when there is no upgrading in progress! Wait until upgrading is done then you can build it

I have the monthly dragon and my Watchtower just finished but the training camp was still going. Just thought there was supposed to be a warning screen asking you if you are sure but yeah you can build for upgrade two buildings at once when you have the Dragon

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